Though the show is called 500 Questions, viewers may ask only one: Why was this show made? Since the initial debut of Who Wants to be a Millionaire aired in 1999, It seems that every spring or summer, a “new” limited gameshow appears to makes it mark, but none of them have come close to the popularity or staying power of the Regis Philbin original. However, ABC is trying again with 500 Questions from Mark Burnett (who knows a few things about reality shows) but its first mistake may be having it go against the season finale of Burnett’s other huge hit, Survivor.

500 Questions is an all-new game show where the “smartest people in the country to achieve the seemingly impossible task of answering 500 of the most difficult general knowledge questions ever devised,” states the press release. The only rule is never get three answers wrong in a row or your time is up. There are no “saves” or multiple choice answers or even a “phone a friend.”

The show is hosted by CNN’s Richard Quest from Quest Means Business. I’ve never watched his show, but from what I gather from watching the commercials for this show, he seems to have the personality of a high school history teacher, which is great if you like history teachers. The show will air for nine nights in a row at 8:00 p.m. beginning May 20 and ending on May 28.

So – did you watch the premiere? Will you watch again?

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