You may be asking yourself, who is this “Superchick?” Good question. “Rocking What We’ve Got Since 1999!” is all that is listed on the About page on their Facebook listing, so here is a little history:

Originally known as Superchick[k], the Chicago-born band made their debut performance in front of 5,000 people opening for Audio Adrenaline in 1999. Over the years, the band has seen five of their songs reach No. 1 on music charts. One of those songs, “Stand in the Rain” held the spot for nine weeks on R&R Christian Hit Radio charts.

According to a recent press release, the original vision for the music was to be comprised on just one “chick” but soon grew into a small army of nonconformists who believed that they had the ability to affect change. Even if you think that you’ve never heard any of the band’s music before, more than likely, you have. Superchick’s music has been heard in nearly 200 movies, TV show and even video games.

Comprising the pop/rock band through the years are lead vocalist Tricia Brock, vocalist/guitarist Melissa Brock, bassist/vocalist Matt Dally, lead guitarist Dave Ghazarian, drummer Chase Lovelace and keyboardist/DJ/producer Max Hsu. Sadly, Lovelace passed away earlier this year but his voice can still be heard on the new “Recollection” album which will be released next Tuesday, October 29, 2013.

The new CD/DVD combo will be a bittersweet affair as the group announced only a few months ago that this will be Superchick’s, as we it, last. It will include 11 of the group’s best-loved hits and five new songs including “This is the Time” which will be featured in the upcoming film, “God’s Not Dead” and written in memory of Lovelace.

“Recently I read about Maximillian Kolbe, a Franciscan friar who volunteered to die for a stranger at Auschwitz. After discovering 3 prisoners had escaped, the camp commandment chose 10 men to be starved to death.” Says Max Hsu on a Facebook post written on October 24th, “When one of the selected men cried out, ‘My wife! My children!’ Kolbe volunteered to take his place. The man he saved lived another 53 years. That man knew what it was to live in gratitude for ‘the gift of life’. My friend Chase who played drums with us lost a battle with cancer at a young age. I’ve lived many more years than he had. If I had been able to take his place on the hospital bed I would say to Chase:

Here is the rest of my life, live it well! Use it up! There is not time for worry or fear or doubt. Try everything you want to try! Love without reserve. Commit yourself fully. Live with purpose. Do the things today you were waiting to do, because I don’t know how many days I can give you. I ask nothing in return, only that you live in a manner worthy of the gift.

Instead, because I cannot give those years to Chase, it is I who must live ‘like my life’s worth dying for.’”

“When he first started chemo, Chase called me to say, ‘Don’t finish the record without me; I’m coming back in the fall.’ Some of Chase’s rhythmic creativity lives on in these songs. These new songs are dedicated to his fighting optimism and I hope they honor his memory.”

Here is what you can look forward to:

Superchick Release "Recollection" on Tuesday, October 29, 2013.
Superchick Release “Recollection” on Tuesday, October 29, 2013.

CD Track Listing

1. Mister DJ*
2. Hope*
3. Sunshine*
4. Five Minutes At A Time*
5. This Is The Time*
6. Rock What You Got (Fight Underdog Fight Mix)
7. Cross The Line (Blockbuster Mix)
8. Hey Hey
9. Stand In The Rain (Symphonic Mix)
10. Beauty From Pain
11. Pure
12. We Live
13. Hero (Red Pill Mix)
14. Get Up (Heelside Mix)
15. Barlow Girl
16. One Girl Revolution

(*=new music)

 DVD Track Listing:

1. Barlow Girl (music video)
2. We Live (music video)
3. Cross the Line (music video)
4. The Making of the Cross The Line video

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