Here, 4 simple ways to give your genius a boost, which ultimately keeps your mind and/or body busy and out of the kitchen.  It’s a win/win/win.  Your genius gets a boost, you are occupied (and thus out of the kitchen) and the scales of injustice are likely to go down, down, down.

Take A Bach Break: The consensus of opinion is that listening to music by Johann Sebastian Bach can get your creative genius flowing.

Take A Walk: Walking/moving always (yes, ALWAYS) gives genius a boost.

Take In A Deep Breath: Getting oxygen to the brain is ALWAYS a good idea.

Take In Your Favorite Genius: Read about Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Eleanor Roosevelt … or your favorite genius.

What do you do to boost your creativity, your genius?
What do you do that keeps you outta’ the kitchen?

Deliciously yours,

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