Our Lady of Weight Loss … with you every ounce of the weigh.  ~ Halloween Edition by Janice Taylor

Halloween is less than two weeks away, and I dare say, the “Just Say No to Candy” Halloween Plan just ain’t gonna’ cut it for most of us.

And let me tell you why!  Because saying “no, thank you” takes energy.  Lots of energy!  And … we have a limited supply of energy.

The part of your brain that determines if you are in control or not; the part of your brain that plays umpire to your conflicting thoughts, inhibits emotional urges, puts the brakes on; the part of your brain that practices conscious thinking is called the prefrontal cortex and the prefrontal cortex is ‘energy hungry.’

Every time you say ‘no, thank you’ to one of your red light foods, you use energy.

The more we say “no,” the more energy we use.   The prefrontal cortex gets tired, so to speak, which opens the gate to poor choices and emotional eating.

What to do? Conserve energy by making the journey as easy as possible.

Here follows …
3 Halloween Tips: How to Avoid Temptation

1.     Avoid Temptation.  So … there you are, in the supermarket, kind person that you are buying candy to give out on Halloween.  You make your way to the candy aisle and you zero in on your favorite candies packaged all pretty for Halloween.  The neurons in your brain begin to fire and cloud your healthy living vision.

Do not succumb.  Do not buy your favorite candies.  Buy your least favorite candy.  Is there any point in ‘suffering’ each and every time you hand a piece of candy to a kid that knocks on your door?  Do not stock the house with red light candies.  Avoid temptation!

2.   Stop Believing Your Thoughts.  If you hear yourself telling yourself that you’re only going to have one piece – or – that you’ve had a difficult day and you deserve candy – or – it’s a special day, Halloween comes but once a year … or any other bologna, realize that you are feeding yourself a bag of Halloween lies and you are about to fall down the slippery slope into a vat of sugar.

Remember.  Just because you had a thought, doesn’t mean it’s a good one. 

3.    Toss It.  If there are any leftover candies come nightfall throw ‘em out.  Yes, at night, in the dark, before morning.    I know that some of you are going to tell me that you’re going to give the candy to charity or bring the treats into the office. Really?

If you want to give to charity or share with co-workers, share a bushel or two of apples.

More Halloween Tips and News Coming Soon!
Our Lady of Weight Loss is with you every ounce of the weigh.

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