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It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere. ~ Agnes Repplier

Greetings TUSHKATEERS!!!!  How are you on this fine September day?  Peachy keen?  Right as rain?  Happier than a hot frog on a cool summer’s night?  (I just made that up. 😉  I’m well, thanks! 

The past few weeks have been busy ones for me/us; Chicago cousins in town, Labor Day weekend happenings, a Quaker wedding, followed by a cruise on a schooner around the Manhattan harbor, right past the Statue of Liberty!  (see photo below – could not have asked for a more spiritual experience and beautiful day)

All of which was life-affirming.  Affirming being the operative word.  Taking it a step further … Let’s talk AFFIRMATIONS!!!  (Whoa!  Quite the segue!)

As you know, I believe … I KNOW … that PERMANENT WEIGHT REMOVAL is not about the food as much as it is about your LIFE and your MINDSET!  I am certain that the first step toward Permanent Weight Removal is HAPPINESS.

Think about it!  When you are happy, when your life is running (more or less) smoothly, you don’t run to the fridge as early and often; do you?  Healthy choices are more easily made; aren’t they?  When your happy energy is spiraling upward, you are able to focus on your goals and take the proper steps to manifest them without extreme and exhausting effort, aren’t you?

In our KICK in the TUSH CLUB on FACEBOOK page/group Sharon E. shared:  “…. I have been on WW now for a little over a year.  I have lost 65 pounds at a very steady and motivating rate.  About 3 months ago, I hit a plateau and allowed myself to lose focus … going back to some of my old habits that I thought I had really gotten rid of.   My scale this morning show 7 pounds up.  I am NOT HAPPY with myself.  I know I have to forgive myself and move on.  I am struggling ….  I will move forward.  I will continue on my journey.  I will keep focused.  Thanks for listening.  …. ”  (for full post, visit our group and share with Sharon!)

Thank you, Sharon, for being brave, reaching out and putting your truth on the page.  You inspired us.  You moved from feeling unhappy and struggling to recommitting to the process. I have full faith in you!  As long as you practice the principles of All Is Forgiven, Move On, you can’t lose (or in this case you can)! Inspiration, love and support flowed in all directions.  Again, thank you for taking us full circle. 

I had promised that I’d write more about letting go and moving on.  Here follow 9 tips from the Our Lady of Weight Loss Happiness Vault, as well as a link to a 1-2 minute audio affirmation that infuses big-time, unconditional, always flowing happiness.

Our Lady of Weight Loss thinks it best for y’all to listen to this audio in the morning, upon waking!  And then as often as possible through-out the day.  More 1-2 minute audio affirmation information links to come from The Path to Unconditional Happiness, a Kick in the Tush Club production!  🙂

from the Happiness Vault …
… Nine Tips to Happiness Centered Weight Loss

1. Balance: Permanent weight loss is about living a balanced life. It’s about looking at all areas of your life — physical health, mental health, relationships, finances, career, fun, creativity, spirituality, physical environment, time — and creating them so that they support you to have the best life ever.

Focusing only on weight loss will not serve you well. You may lose it; but without creating balance in all areas of your life, you will in all likelihood find it again. We’re talking permanent weight loss here!

2. Commitment: Make a commitment to you, all of you, every aspect of you. Losing weight won’t fix what’s wrong with your finances. Gathering buckets of money won’t help you to lose weight. Commit to giving yourself the best life that you can. Do this for you and your body!

3. The Scale: Do not get hung up on the number on the scale. Do you know what the scale really measures — scientifically that is? Every object in the universe with mass attracts every other object with mass. (Some more massive than others!) Therefore, there is a pull — a force — an attraction between you and the Earth. Your bathroom scale measures gravitational pull!

Nowhere in scientific date — that I could find — does it state that the scale measures hideous fat. Nor does it say that you are bad!

4. Visioning: Envision your compelling future. What would you ultimately like your life to be like? See every detail. From where you would live, what you would do, what you are wearing! See, feel, hear and smell (if you can! Perhaps the honeysuckle in the air; or the slicing of a lemon.) Every aspect of this clear picture. Write it down. And now make it come true. One step at a time.

5. Safe Haven: Keeping your home clear of the Devil’s Food, red light items, things that send you off on a binge is essential! Making your home a safe haven affords you an opportunity to establish healthy, solid habits. It is essential that you create an environment that supports your permanent fat removal efforts; a place where you are as free as possible from excessive food thoughts.

6. de-Clutter: I’ve been both organized and disorganized, I can tell you the first way is the better way. Not only do you not waste time endlessly searching for stuff, but there’s a mysterious calm one finds in organization.

7. Be Imperfect: There is no need to be perfect. It would be unbelievably boring if we were perfect. So dry, unpleasant, Stepford Wife-like that we would seek imperfection. Revel in your imperfection.

8. Be Your Passion: Jump head first into the thing you love to do the most. As they say, “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Our Lady of Weight Loss says, “Jump headfirst into passion and the fat cells will melt!” Life will improve in ways you never imagined. You will be focused on what you love, feel less-stressed, be more productive, procrastinate less. The energy will shift dramatically. Can you feel it now?

9. Wake Up: You are 25 times more open to suggestion as you wake. Pay attention to what thoughts first surface, and if these first thoughts are not helpful, simply turn them around. Repeat your positive thought(s) a few times. Hold on to those good feelings for a moment or two. And then, ‘see’ the thought and imagine carrying this thought with you throughout the day.

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Spread the word … not the icing!

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