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She generally gave herself very good advice, (though she very seldom followed it). ~ Lewis Carroll

Howdy, Hello and Hola TUSHKATEERS!!!!  How goes it?  Are you gearing up for Labor Day? For September?

A couple of months ago, at the very beginning of summer, I engaged in a simply scintillating conversation with DH.  We were talking about fear and worry; noting that 99.9% of the things that we are afraid of, worried about, ruminate over either miraculously take care of themselves, morph into some other thing, but never is the weight of the worry useful or worth it.  In fact, it seriously mucks up the energy and does weigh us down!!!

With that in mind, I decided to shelve any and all things that were weighing heavy on my mind until September.  I wrote out my concerns/worries/fears on a piece of paper and literally shelved them, putting the list all the way on the back of the top shelf in my closet, noting in my mind’s eye that the plan was to take the summer off from worry; to be free of heavy thought, and come September, I could:

1.  scratch off the items that are no longer of concern
2.  shelve the remaining worries (again) until January (sounds good, huh?)
3.  and – if some items are actionable; I could and will take action!

When I looked at the calendar this morning and saw that September arrives on Saturday, my memory jogged and I remembered the list.  I’m looking forward to reviewing it without worry!  Worry and Fear are two major blocks that muck up the works.  They are obstacles that we can do without!

Join with me this weekend (in spirit and on KICK IN THE TUSH CLUB’s Facebook page) as I review my list, make the appropriate adjustments to it and re-shelve it!!!

Speaking of fears, worries …
… here is this week’s:

CHEWING THE FAT:   Sammie the Skeptic, Worried and on the verge of giving up, quitting, failing?  No Way!

Dear OLofWL ~ Do you really think that anyone can overcome their obstacles, specifically when they are addicted to food and have been overweight their entire life?  When I look at the number on the scale, when I think about the amount of pounds that I need to lose, I seriously worry whether I can do it or not.   Can I?  ~  Sammie Skeptic


Dear Sammie S. ~ Yes, you can! And … Yes, I absolutely do – 100% – believe that each and every one of us, individually and collectively, can overcome our weighty obstacles.  We arrive on the planet (through the birth canal) fully loaded with all the inner-resources needed; especially when it comes to food/weight loss.  Really? Yes!  In addition to shelving your worry, try these 9 First Steps … and see what could happen!

9 First Steps to Success (weight loss or otherwise) – to help get you started in the ‘right’ direction.

1.  Small G’s:  A good way to begin to build confidence, to start believing in yourself is to set small goals – things that you can achieve without too much effort. As you reach these goals, pat yourself on the back and acknowledge that you can achieve.

Example:  Go through stack of mail and toss ‘junk’ mail.  Or – buy energy saving light bulbs.  Both of which will add to your healthy environment!  (I just went through a mini-pile of mail.  Wow, do I feel lighter!)

2.  Failure is Feedback:  If you find that you fail here n’ there, remember that:

(a) everyone fails to achieve some goal; and
(b) failure is merely feedback.  Learn from your missteps.

3.  Chant Our Lady’s Best Mantra:  All is forgiven, move on!

4.  Be Patient: Even if you are doing everything “right,” the scales, your clothes, your mindset may take a few minutes (at the very least) to catch up.  Be kind; be patient.

5.  Tune Them Out: Outer critics, the people who tell you that you’ll never succeed in one way or another are only tearing you down to build themselves up.  Tune them out; later for them!

6.  The Inner-Critic: If someone else said the things to you that you say to yourself, you’d have nothing to do with said person.  The best way for you to turn the inner-critic into the inner-lover is to simply observe.

Notice, witness, hear the message and then send the message the way of the clouds.  Blow, baby, blow on outta’ here.

7.  Focus On the Other:  Another brilliant quote from Lewis Carroll (for the full list and the fully loaded KITT Club eletter)

One of the secrets of life is that all that is really worth the doing is what we do for others. ~ Lewis Caroll

True enough.  You’ll feel better about yourself and you will have effectively moved your thoughts away from you.

8.  Action:  Dreams, goals, aspirations are meant for ‘manifestation.’  It’s the only way you are going to truly know if they are right for you.  Put them into action! How do your dreams ‘fit?’

9.  Own It: The key to success is accepting and liking who you are right here, right now, just as you are.  Fat, thin, in between; it matters not.  You are overflowing in inner-beauty, outer-beauty, inner-resources, outer-spark.  You are simply fabulous.  Own it!

Honestly SS, the very fact that you asked if there was a possibility that you will succeed, rather than telling me that you won’t in absolute terms, speaks buckets of success!

I hope this gives you some structure, a way to dip in and spark you into believing in yourself.

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Spread the word … not the icing!


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