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Cow Thoughts* by Janice Taylor, Self-Help / Weight Loss Artist

1.  First There Was the Thought: When it comes to emotional baggage, we consciously experience a ‘feeling’ before we understand its trigger.

When a strong feeling surfaces; a feeling that can ‘sink you,’ or ‘squash your enthusiasm;’ when a feeling that has a negative effect crashes over you, stop for a moment and see if you can ‘look before’ the feeling and identify the thought that triggered it.

2.  Your Mind Is a Thought Factory:  It is a function of the mind to think thoughts, to produce thoughts, one after the other; so many in fact, that you cannot count them nor remember them all.  Some of your thoughts might be useful; some not.

Therefore, it is important that you realize that just because you had a thought, it doesn’t mean it’s a good one.  True enough!  Not every thought you have is brilliant, correct or useful. 

3.  Thoughts Are Suggestions:  Once you identify the thought that set your emotional roller coaster into motion, remember that thoughts are merely suggestions.

You can imagine that the Though/ Suggestion is floating through your mind’s eye, as the clouds float through the sky above, and if you see a ‘suggestion’ that looks, sounds and feels good, a thought that is useful – then use it!  When you see a thought that is not, let it float by and dissipate into the ether.

4.  Practice Happy Thinking:  Set aside 5 minutes daily to practice happy thoughts.  Create a Happy Thinking book, and no matter how bad you are feeling, no matter how dark your thoughts, no matter how upsetting the actual circumstances of your life, no matter … for 5 minutes each and every day of your life, write down happy thoughts, copy happy quotes into your book, cut out happy photos, listen to happy music – and be sure to add the song to your happy play list!

5.  Focus on What You Would Like to Feel:  You can easily manufacture a feeling.  All you need to do is remember a time when you felt happy.  Remember a time when you felt grateful.  Remember a time when you felt great about yourself.  Remember the FEELING and let it rise, let it rise, let it rise.

*Cow Thoughts quote from Karen Liebowitz,
paraphrasing Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona  “Thoughts are like cows.  You want to open the door of your mind and let them out to pasture. You can only milk them for so long and then they are dry …. “

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