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Today is No Housework Day! Yahoo!
I’m not sure how “No Housework Day” originated or when it was first celebrated. I am imagining that a woman who was tired of her daily chores, tired of the dust reappearing, that a woman who was more than likely being taken for granted threw her arms up in the air, took in a deep breath and proclaimed rather loudly “I need a break. I declare this day, April 7, to henceforth be No Housework Day!”
Kudos and gratitude to her! I am going to cook up a pot of Chai tea and dedicate whatever time I might have spent cleaning to relaxing! How will you celebrate the day?
Now, tomorrow, should you kick back into gear and dust, vacuum, iron or mop, take heart. You are burning calories!
Housework as exercise is not a new concept. In October, 1901, Good Housekeeping published an article entitled “Housework as Exercise.” The author was an un-named teacher of physical culture. Her message was to . . . . “Unbutton those tight collars, take off the corsets and petticoats, hike up those long skirts and pull the blinds. Whenever possible wear a gymnasium suit for scrubbing and sweeping.”
Housework as Exercise Calorie Chart
Calories burned per hour:
Cooking / 80 (No tasting while cooking!)
Ironing / 60
Mopping Floors / 110
Rearranging Furniture / 200
Scrubbing Floors / 200
Vacuuming / 85
Washing Dishes (By hand.) / 60
Washing Windows /150
Calories burned per minute:
Washing Dishes / 3
Vacuuming / 3
Dusting / 4
Rearranging Furniture / 9
Folding Laundry & / 3
Putting Away
General Straightening / 9
Grocery Shopping (pushing the cart)/ 5
Enjoy your non-houseworky day!
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