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ART St. Adrian.jpgWarning from St. Adrian*, patron saint of butchers! Any meat that is made of muscle protein can generate a cancer-causing reaction when it interacts with a hot grill.
I really don’t mean to be a buzz kill and put a damper on your summertime grillin’ fun, but … Duke University Medical Center researchers are “concerned” about a recent study that found that “people who ate well-done meat were 60 percent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.” This doesn’t mean that you will get cancer, but the study does suggest that there is a relationship between eating grilled meats and cancer. In fact, grilled meats as in anything that is made of muscle protein, which includes red meats, chicken, pork and fish.
Denise Snyder, a nutrition researcher at Duke School of Nursing explains, “When you apply high temperature to any grilled meat, it breaks down the muscle proteins and creates a cancer-causing substance which can damage our DNA and genetic material,” she explains. “That can jump-start the cancer development process.”
No one expects people to completely avoid grilling meats, including Snyder, but there are ways for you to minimize your risk and take care of your family!
Grill Lovers Guide to Health, Happiness and Summertime Fun!
Fruits & Veggies on the Grill. There’s nothing and I mean nothing as good as grilled pineapples and peaches; grilled veggies aren’t too shabby either and here’s the perfect opportunity to add cancer fighting foods to your diet!
Kabob It. You can either microwave your meats first, choose leaner thinner cuts or kabob it. Those techniques will lessen the time that the meat and the grill interact!
Flip It. Flip your food frequently. Makes sense!
Trim It. Cut off the excess fat. Aside from cancer, you really don’t need the fatty calories, do you?
Poke It. Line your grill with foil and poke holes in it, allowing the fat to drip down (don’t want your meat sitting in fat). This avoids flare-ups, which also contains cancer-causing substances.
Lower It. Keep the flame low, the temperature down, and your rack high from the flame – still cooking your meats thoroughly, of course!
Avoid It. Grillin’ or not, hot dogs and sausages are processed foods and have already been linked to various types of cancers. No point in putting a double whammy on it! (Source: Duke Medical Center)
*St. Adrian For centuries, St. Adrian, patron saint of butchers, can keep meat untainted, knives sharp, and customers. I thought it appropriate to call on him for his expertise and prayer! Keep us safe!
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