10 Healthy Summer Recipes


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10 Healthy Summer Recipes

10 Healthy Summer Recipes

Soul-satisfying dishes to keep your eating fresh and your weight in line all summer long.


Janice Taylor

It's time for me to share my favorite summer recipes with you. I permanently removed (remember: if you "lose" weight, you will eventually find it!) over 50 pounds almost seven years ago, and now I am on a mission: to make health and weight loss fun and create balance and harmony in our lives.

My strategy: whip up truly satisfying and tasty dishes that are fast, easy, and packed with the vitamins and minerals that help make us feel great and keep our weight in line. Click through the gallery to experience my ten favorite summer recipes guaranteed to 'lighten'--if not



Janice Taylor is the author of the "Our Lady of Weight Loss" blog on Beliefnet.

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