Is Oprah not the best and most master hypnotist ever?
This Beliefnet blogger and reporter is coming to you ‘live’ from Kripalu Yoga & Health where I am leading the most remarkable and enlightening workshop ever (No doubt about it! Testimony to follow at the end of the week!), entitled “Into the LITE:” The Hypnosis Diet for Health, Wellness & Weight Loss; wherein we have explored the possibility that Oprah is, indeed, hypnotizing us!

While discussing the in’s and out’s of hypnosis, the how of it and the various types of hypnosis, I’d sited Oprah as an excellent example of someone who uses ‘direct’ hypnosis (vs. a more permission based, indirect style) very effectively. An example of ‘indirect’ hypnosis is: “As you become more and more comfortable, you might consider … ” vs. the direct route: “You will.”
Think about it … Is Oprah not the best and most master hypnotist ever? After all, when Oprah says, “This book will change your life. Buy it!” you do!
One of the participants in this workshop thought that Suzie Orman might also possess some of these same hypnotic talents. She looks at the screen, points directly at you and bellows out, “My newest book is my BEST yet. Buy it!” And you do.
Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with what they are doing. Their intent is to help you, as they are ‘selling’ genuine, authentic and high quality goods. Further, I seriously doubt they would say that they are hypnotizing you (but they are embedding commands, are they not?).
We all agreed, as we veered off the weight loss charts, straight into financial matters. Said participant then offered a Suzie anecdote, “When a caller dialed into her show inquiring whether or not they should buy a big ticket item even though they were in debt,” Suzie said in her strong, persuasive and hypnotic tone, “Can you afford it?”
How is it, I wondered aloud (skillfully bringing us back to weight loss) that we have no problem asking ourselves when shopping for big ticket items or small ticket items, “Can I afford this?” Particularly in these ‘tight’ (like my prom dress from the ’70s) times, we exercise our ‘say no to spending’ muscles and say, “No. And I’ll hold off on spending!”
What stops you from asking this question when it comes to food? When you consider the serious ramifications of overeating; from self-loathing to heart disease and diabetes, I am now pointing my finger at you and roaring! (Can you hear me roar???) CAN YOU AFFORD IT? Well, can you?
The next time you reach for the brownie, the donut, the extra serving of fries, remember to as yourself “Can I afford this?” And if the answer is “no,” back off buddy and let it go! Say “No!” with conviction. Feel it. Remind yourself of the consequences. Imagine that YOU have the same amount of influence over YOU that Oprah or Suzie have.
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Spread the hypnotic word … NOT the icing!

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