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Time to take a break from Bristol Palin talking about how abstinence is not possible, the Chimp Attack and the Ashera Cat (I want one, too! Only $22,000), and join with me for a tea time break!

The Cheshire Cat: “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
Alice: “How do you know I’m mad?”
The Cheshire Cat: “You’re here, aren’t you?”
~ The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Chapter 7, Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll
* * *

I stumbled across a copy of “Alice in Wonderland” while straightening up. I randomly opened the book and found myself at The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Such a totally maddening yet delightful place to be! I could identify with Alice’s impatience. Truly, you can’t have more tea if you haven’t had any.
The book gave me pause for tea thought, which inspired me to have a tea party of my own. A late-afternoon of the gathering of the female tribe (sorry guys). I did a bit of research before sending out my invites.
The Tea Party presents an opportunity for us to enjoy a light meal (low-fat, low-cal, low-carb, of course!) with our friends in elegance – with grace and style. This respectable gathering, which occurs in the afternoon is most often attended by ladies (as in “lady,” “marchioness,” “viscountess,” “duchess” or “baroness”).
The Tea Party originated in Britain (as you may have guessed). Tea was a valuable commodity. So precious, in fact, that it was not left to the care of the housekeeper. Rather The Lady of the House kept an eye on it, and she would serve it herself … in the tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony.
The Duchess of Bedford of Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire, Anna Russell, is credited as the originator of the tea party. She asked her maid to bring all their tea-making equipment into her boudoir in the late afternoon, at which time the Duchess enjoyed a cup of tea with a slice or two of bread and butter. Lovely!
It was so enjoyable that she soon invited a friend or two to join her and it quickly turned into a social gathering.
Should you decide to throw a Tea Party of your own, here follow a few tasty tidbits!

Our Lady of Weight Loss Tea Time Tips for Tea Parties, Including but NOT Limited to The Famed Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
1. Technically, you may serve tea at any time in the afternoon, but the generally agreed upon time is 4:00 p.m.
2. Creating an ambience that is conducive to relaxation and conversation is vital. Fresh flowers strategically placed throughout the room are a must, as is soft music. May I suggest Mozart.
3. If you are serving your guests, add sugar before lemon because the acid in the lemon will prevent the sugar from dissolving!
4. Place your finger tea sandwiches on a large floral platter, with doilies (silly me, of course!) between the sandwiches and theplate.
5. Who will you invite? It’s entirely up to you! BUT I suggest that you bestow upon your guests suitable titles that they so richly deserve and address their invitations properly. For example:
Lady Janice
requests the honor of the company of
Patti, Viscountess of the Circle DuPont
High Tea
Saturday, the twenty-first day of March
4:00 p.m.
26 Million Dollar Way
Pleasantville, USA

Enjoy your tea, your titles and your tiny sandwiches!
Spread the word … NOT the icing,

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