Misha McGlown, author of Manifesting Things: Making Your Way When There Is No Way, shares her thoughts with Janice Taylor on how to free yourself from your self-imposed bondage and move into the light of love through prayer.

I prayed for twenty years and received no answer … until I prayed with my legs. ~ Frederick Douglass

Manifest Your Destiny through Prayer
Misha is an ordinary woman. She is not an expert, nor scholar, priestess, not even a guru … just an ordinary woman who pulled herself up and out and finally into the light.
“I was in bondage to my poor choices of yesterday. Yes, I ruined a perfectly good credit rating. Yes, I missed many opportunities. True, I was a procrastinator. I made lots of big messes for a lot of years.
“When calling upon God’s intervention, we tend to expect a problem to suddenly disappear. This is not likely to occur. The truth is, when we invite The Divine in we are inviting our own growth. And, growth is most often accompanied by growing pains.

“When we ask for change in any situation, we are yearning change in ourselves. Prayer is proactive. It’s about making the first move, then watching The Creative Forces come together on your behalf. You can’t ask God to help you lose weight with a Twinkie in hand. You have to meet a prayer halfway; take some part in bringing it to fruition.

How to Pray:
• Incorporate prayer into your daily life. Make it a habit!
• Immerse yourself fully in the moment. Send a half-hearted prayer and you will get a half-hearted response.
• Remember, prayers aren’t always answered in the ways in which we are expecting. Be open.
• Praying is proactive. Meet your prayer halfway.
• Give thanks for what you have.
• Give thanks in advance for what is to come!
“Prayer is a conviction, a thought, a vibration of sound carrying a petition or thought to the Creative Forces of the Universe. Anything that you dwell on, give voice and energy to, or move towards with strong intention, presents itself to The Universe as prayer.”
“Whatever we ask, believing, we shall receive” … Matthew 21:22

Spread the word, NOT the icing!

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