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A “Beef” that I Must Express; Not Suppress – McDonald’s Coupons are Sending an Unsolicited Fat Ripple throughout my Weight Loss Community
by Janice Taylor, Beliefnet blogger!
My Beef with McDonald’s was ignited after reading an e-mail from Our Lady of Weight Loss reader, Gina F.W.
Dear Janice ~ Do you know that Amazon bundled All Is Forgiven, Move On with coupons for McDonald’s southern style chicken sandwiches and breakfast biscuits?
McDonald’s is offering free chicken biscuits and chicken sandwiches, artfully photographed with French fries and Coca-Cola. Of course, you’re not going to go in to pick up your free southern style chicken sandwich without also buying some fries and corn syrup sweetened cola, are you? That’s what the subliminal photo is programming you to do!
Tut, tut. Very naughty and thoughtless of Amazon and McDonald’s to do that, don’t you think? Almost encouraging one to go on a bender before going back on the wagon. I am going to email both and McDonald’s and express my concern at their lack of tact. ~ Gina F.W.
Thank you, Gina, for bringing this to my attention. You were the first, but not the last to report the McDonald’s snafu. Others queried: “Are McDonald’s fried foods now an Our Lady of Weight Loss approved item?”
NO – McDonald’s fried foods are not Our Lady of Weight Loss approved.
NO – I didn’t know about this.
YES – I am appalled!

I suspect that McDonald’s made a thoughtless deal with to include their coupons with a great many books going out. Nevertheless, had this mammoth corporation cared enough about our health, as they say they do, they would NOT have included coupons for free fried foods with books that promote health, wellness and weight loss, such as All Is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville.

When will the corporations stop talking out of both sides of their mouths? On the one hand, McDonald’s says that they support health and wellness; and on the other hand they are sabotaging our efforts to be healthy by including such coupons with books that we purchase to inspire and motivate.
McDonald’s basically threw yet another obstacle in your path to Sveltesville by thoughtlessly and hungrily including their coupon with any and all books.
It is an outrage. McDonald’s, along with the rest of the heap that talk a good game, should be held accountable. People/Corporations … Walk your talk!
I telephoned McDonald’s headquarters yesterday (630.623.3000), and after explaining the “McDonald’s Snafu” to the telephone operator, I was put through to the legal department where I was met by an answering machine. (Why legal, I asked? Isn’t this a customer relations/public relations issue? Is it legal???? Hmmmm …)
I left a message on their legal line and have yet to hear back from anyone. So I’ll post my questions here, and hopefully, they will respond.
1. What are you going to do for my readers to make up for this fat-making blunder?
2. What level of commitment do you really hold to health?
3. How much do you pay those who make thoughtless decisions?
4. How about making a healthy Portobello mushroom burger?

I am ready to forgive and move on, in the spirit of Our Lady of Weight Loss … AFTER my concerns are addressed. Specifically, I would like an answer to the larger question.
To McDonald’s … You do so artfully and gracefully dance around our nation’s obesity epidemic. I’d love to know how it feels to do this, knowing full well that your level of commitment is not nearly what it could be, and that you are actually hurting those of us who are doing our best to live a healthy lifestyle by sending us coupons that we did NOT ASK FOR.
FYI … I tested this. I ordered All Is Forgiven, Move On from and yes, it was bundled in fatty coupons that I did NOT ask for! Get it, McDonald’s … I’m NOT lovin’ IT!
Spread the word (NOT the icing!),

PS: I am singling out McDonald’s because they purport to support those of us who work toward healthy living. Amazon, to my knowledge, has never made such a claim. They ship books. Period, end of report. McDonald’s feeds us out of both sides of their mouth!
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In need of inspiration, motivation, important information as well as a jolt of fun? Pick up a copy of All Is Forgiven, Move On! (and should your book come with a coupon for fried foods, do not succumb!

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