One City

I sat the graveyard shift at the meditation marathon.  The 3 am drunkards definitely served as mara-demon quality distractions.  Reminded me of Milarepa meditating in his cave:

I often think of dharma in the old Hindu sense of my personal path.  A kind of destiny.  The feeling that there is in fact the right place to be, the right thing to say, the right effort and focus to maintain in every moment.  In this way, it’s all about working with distractions.  Especially in our distraction-saturated culture.  I found working with the distractions outside the window a fruitful practice.  

Otherwise, I had a rather peaceful sit.  Broadway was pretty quiet from about 4 am to 6 am.  And there was no disco music on!  Moreover, it was a joy to feel the sun coming up over the buildings, to watch the light bounce off the streets.  That was a distraction I didn’t mind spending a moment with.
For the record, I found the meditation marathon a wonderful way not only to practice, but also to raise awareness for awareness itself.  I felt the energy outside the window; I appreciated the exchange we were having with the public.  I vote yes to more marathons in the future!