One City

Here is the dharma poem of the week, a wonderful poem by Mahmoud Darwish.

I Was Not With Me
Staring at the ceiling, resting my face on my hand, like some-
body stealing up on a fresh idea, or lying in wait for a gleam 
of inspiration.  After a few hours I realized I wasn’t there on
the ceiling, or here on the chair, and my mind was blank. I 
was absorbed in nothing, in total, complete emptiness, sepa-
rated from my being, sheltered by a benign absence, and free
from pain.  I was neither sad nor happy, for nothingness has
no connection to emotion, nor to time.  Not a single memory
shook me awake from this trance, and no fear of my fate dis-
turbed my obliviousness to the future.  For some reason, I was 
sure I would live until tomorrow.  I could not hear the sound
of the rain shattering the smell of the breeze outside, nor the 
flutes bearing the inside away.  I was nothing in the presence 
of nothing, and I was calm, trusting, and confident.  For how love-
ly it is for a person to be nothing, only once, not more!
I think the last two words are particularly interesting.  Thoughts?