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I’m not sure what Rob Bell was doing on Saturday, but I wonder how long it took for him to realize that he had blown up the Internet. At least, the Christian twitterverse and blogosphere. Bell, the pastor of Mars …Read More

Today’s conversion story comes from Jeremy Myers. A former seminary graduate and conservative pastor, Jeremy “de-converted” from traditional Christianity. Though still a follower of Christ, he has left the institutional Church altogether. And blogging played a fairly big role in …Read More

Mormons beware! South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are working on a Broadway musical called The Book of Mormon. The play, which previews at the end of this month, is about two young men who head to Uganda …Read More

Matthew Paul Turner has been featured here a number of times, mainly because he’s a good friend and a great writer and a unique, funny voice within Christian culture. That’s why I’m excited to share that the audio book of …Read More

Today’s conversion story comes from Mike Wise. An Arizona singer/songwriter who hails from Denver, Colorado, Mike made the odd religious transition from Episcopalian Christianity into Agnosticism…and then back to Christianity. —————- Bio: I am a 33 year-old, high-functioning autistic adult …Read More

If you’ve read the Bible beyond the Gospels and some of the safe, greeting-card-quote-ready psalms, you’re no doubt aware that there’s some stuff in it you don’t especially want your kids reading without parental supervision. Tons of violence. Some really …Read More

Last week we kicked off the new Friday conversions series with Torie Brown Hunt, who converted to the LDS/Mormon tradition after a Southern Baptist childhood. Today we meet Jessica Gavin. In 2010, she began a blog project called 52 Prayers …Read More

This week I stumbled onto a blog post at Slate in which Stanley Fish, the literary critic and New York Times columnist, lists what he thinks are the top five sentences in the English language. The author of the new …Read More