Matthew Paul Turner has been featured here a number of times, mainly because he’s a good friend and a great writer and a unique, funny voice within Christian culture. That’s why I’m excited to share that the audio book of his memoir, Churched: One Kid’s Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess, is available for free right now at Noisetrade.

Here’s what I wrote about Churched when it released in 2008:

Churched is a warm, funny memoir about Matthew’s experiences growing up in an extremely fundamentalist church. I know a bit of his story — my background wasn’t as extreme as his, but both of us have sort of ended up in the same place spiritually — and what impresses me about him is that he’s able to treat the fundie garbage in his past with such grace. Churched is not a mean-spirited book at all, but it could have been. And in the hands of most other writers, it would have been. I appreciate Matthew’s gift at that kind of merciful introspection, and it’s worth reading just for the chance to see someone refuse to be defined by his past, and learn to grow beyond that past without getting angry or bitter.

And while MPT is an expert at retrospective graciousness, the book is also funny. Very, very funny.

Trade some info for a free download of the Churched audio book now at Noisetrade.

Here’s a two-part interview I did with MPT about humor and faith when Churched first released.

Here’s MPT’s contribution to the Voices of Doubt series back in October of 2010.

And here’s MPT’s website, Jesus Needs New PR.


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