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Maybe it’s just me, but I love hearing from pastors who admit to having questions. Some people get annoyed by this, but I find it to be comforting. Part of it is knowing I’m not alone. The other part is …Read More

Good news for people who love enormous statues of Jesus: Now there’s a great reason to go to Poland! Swiebodzin, a 21,000-citizen Polish town near the German border, is almost finished building a gigantic Christ statue. When finished, it’ll be …Read More

Yesterday Matthew Paul Turner pointed to this video by Christian author and radio personality June Hunt, about how to get an atheist thinking so much that he or she might be willing to transition from their hard-core atheism to, at …Read More

A couple weeks ago, in the comments for this post, a commenter offered a suggestion: If you feel up for it, maybe you can put up a post that can give us readers some tips on how to keep writing …Read More

He probably doesn’t remember it, but David Dark played a minor role in my journalistic coming-of-age. One of the first assigned articles I ever wrote was for a (now defunct) online magazine called Communique Journal. It was back in 1997 …Read More

I know it says a lot about me that I think this is such a great cartoon. But it is: David Hayward, the Naked Pastor, consistently produces excellent stuff. Go visit his site. While you’re at it, purchase his book. …Read More

Christ Covenant Church in Beaumont, Texas, has been making headlines in recent weeks with a new billboard along Interstate 10. It says “What a bunch of jerks!” then lists the church’s website. According to the pastor, the sign is promoting …Read More

Yesterday, the LA Times published a thought-provoking commentary about disaffection with church among young people and the reasons behind it. Twenty years ago, only 7% of Americans claimed no religious affiliation, and that wasn’t a surprising number. We were a …Read More

Do I owe my writing career to Cara Davis? She’d probably say “no,” but I’m not so sure. She was the first person I got to know at Relevant Magazine, the first editor to ask me if I had any …Read More

Reader feedback time! Some of my favorite blog posts are the ones that don’t have any content at all, but simply ask a question or two of you readers. Your responses are always as interesting and informative and fun as …Read More