I’ve been asked by several churches and individual readers whether or not there was a discussion guide available for O Me of Little Faith. Until today, the answer was, “No. Not yet.”

Which is totally my fault.

But today, the answer is “Yes, in fact, there IS a downloadable and printable study guide, and it’s absolutely free!”

I’m unrepentantly biased, of course, but I think OMOLF would be a great book to read in a small group, Sunday School class, or book club just because it’s sure to generate some discussion — after all, one of the main points of the book is that it’s not good to bottle up our questions and pretend they’re not there. It’s better to ask them honestly and share them transparently. Working through the book in a group setting is a great way to do that, and I already know of a few churches and small groups who are doing so this fall.

Anyway, hopefully the questions in this little chapter-by-chapter guide will be helpful.

Download the O Me of Little Faith Discussion Guide here [PDF].

And because this will be a totally boring post if you’re not interested in the study guide, here are…

6 questions that do not appear in the OMOLF Discussion Guide:

1. The boy on the front of this book has bandages on his nipples. Have you ever put any adhesive produce on your nipples? If so, what was it and why?

2. How much of a role did the 1970s television drama, Quincy, M.E., play in your childhood understanding of death?

3. In Chapter 3, Jason describes how he used to stay alert while riding in the car so that he could pray the Sinner’s Prayer in the fleeting moments before a potential automobile accident, just to ensure his entry to heaven. Dude was a weirdo, right?

4. Who else got totally lost in that whole section in Ch. 7 on Zoroastrianism, Satan, and hell?

5. Does the author’s frequent and annoying use of footnotes indicate an inability to stay on topic or a secret desire to be the David Foster Wallace of religious non-fiction?

6. Who would you rather see in an imaginary tag-team cage fight against Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids: The cast of The Expendables, or the cast of Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, or the cast of Jersey Shore? Please back up your answer with proven facts.


GIVEAWAY: In the comments today, it’s your job to come up with a 7th question probably not included among the official discussion guide questions. I’ll choose a random winner to receive a free copy of O Me of Little Faith.

The giveaway is open until 9 am CT tomorrow (Wednesday, August 18).


UPDATE, 8/18: The giveaway is closed. Feel free to continue to ask your 7th question, but don’t expect to win. Because Arleen Spenceley is the random winner. Congrats, Arlene!

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