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Feels like it’s time to get to know the folks around here better. So today I want to do a reader survey. 1. What is your age and gender? 2. What is your occupation? 3. What book are you reading …Read More

Over the last few days, I’ve gotten a couple of emails from readers that, for some reason, touch on the same theme — and it resonates pretty deeply with me. The question that keeps coming up is this: Doubt is …Read More

I’m not sure that Rachel Held Evans needs a full introduction on this blog, other to say she’s the author of the excellent new book Evolving in Monkey Town and was interviewed here a couple of months ago (Part 1, …Read More

I grew up in a church that taught me that God is a God of truth. The one true God. “The word of the Lord is right and true,” wrote the Psalmist. “Redeem me, O Lord, the God of truth,” …Read More

Yesterday I had an off-the-air conversation with a skeptical (but still Christian) radio host. We were discussing faith and apologetics when he asked me a really fascinating question: Let’s say you’re dying. You know you have only one week left …Read More

Yesterday was the first day back to school for my kids, both of whom are in elementary school. As a parent, this time of year is always a struggle for me. On one hand, I like returning to the more …Read More

Winn Collier’s relationship with Relevant Magazine goes back as far as mine does. We both were early members of their freelance writing stable. But while I was writing silly stuff about twenty-something life and the apocalypse (occasionally in the same …Read More

Right now I’m reading Not That Kind of Girl, a memoir by Carlene Bauer that released in hardback last year from HarperCollins (it just came out in paperback this summer). It tells Carlene’s story of a childhood in evangelical churches, …Read More

Clark Pinnock was one of the first real theologians I ever read, and definitely one of the most controversial. I hadn’t thought of him in awhile, but was saddened to hear of his unexpected passing on Sunday, August 15, from …Read More

I’ve been asked by several churches and individual readers whether or not there was a discussion guide available for O Me of Little Faith. Until today, the answer was, “No. Not yet.” Which is totally my fault. But today, the …Read More