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I have no excuses for not having blogged this week. Actually, I have one fairly good excuse. Thanks to all of you who participated in the Great Pocket Guide Giveaway of 2009 on Monday and Tuesday, I have spent most …Read More

I want to try something. Thanks to Chris Anderson’s new book, Free — and the controversy it has caused — there has been a lot of discussion around the Web regarding the value of products. Specifically, whether or not it …Read More

I decided to do something today that I hope will be of interest to you. What is it? I’m not telling until Monday night, when it goes into effect. But I’ll give you a hint. It involves large quantities of …Read More

In case you didn’t know, the start of the apocalypse might have occurred earlier today when parts of the eastern hemisphere (including China and India) experienced a full solar eclipse. Like Dick Cheney, eclipses have long been considered harbingers of …Read More

I’m pretty sure every writer has this experience. At least, I hope so. You see a book on a shelf, or read about it in a magazine, and think: Wow. THAT is a great book idea. I totally could have …Read More

This is not a post about my Pocket Guides. This is just a blog post about my pockets. I am a creature of habit, in that I pretty much always carry the same thing in my pockets regardless of where …Read More

This is what arrived in the mail yesterday, wrapped up all nice and pretty by the good folks at Jossey-Bass: I think I like the spine design the best: The books were designed by the team at Relevant Media Group. …Read More

I am a designer and occasional artist, but only rarely have I ever resorted to real graffiti. I can’t remember any specific instances, but I’m fairly sure I have left my mark on the occasional bathroom wall. Probably to make …Read More

You know how, when people are interviewed on TV, it’s always with them looking to the side of the camera, presumably at an off-screen interviewer? That’s what the video below is. Only I’ll let you in on a little secret. …Read More

Is Michael Jackson in Heaven? That was the question my editors at The Daily Beast wanted me to ask pastors last Thursday. Because the Beast has been wanting to increase their religion coverage, we had spent the previous couple of …Read More