I have no excuses for not having blogged this week. Actually, I have one fairly good excuse. Thanks to all of you who participated in the Great Pocket Guide Giveaway of 2009 on Monday and Tuesday, I have spent most of my free time signing, packing, and shipping books.

In total, over a 24-hour period, I sold 58 boxes of Pocket Guide to the Bible for $0.01 + $19.99 shipping/handling. That’s 58 boxes x 48 books per box = 2784 books total.

That’s a whole lot of books. Thank you!

Some things I have discovered over the last few days:

Pocket Guides are small, but 48 of them weigh 21 lbs. 13 oz.

I can comfortably carry two boxes into the Post Office.

If people see you carrying two large boxes into the Post Office, they will go out of their way to open the door for you. (At least, that’s what they’ll do in Amarillo, Texas.)

If you ask nicely, postal employees will let you borrow a hand truck to haul boxes from your car.

I can sign 48 books in exactly 6 minutes, 20 seconds. I know this because I have timed myself. I timed myself because I am a nerd.

The Chicago Cubs tend to win baseball games by a large margin when I sign books while watching them play. So I will take credit for their offensive explosion this week.

It’s easiest for me to sign books on the floor, rather than on a table or desk.

My kids are excellent book-signing assistants:

Again, thanks to everyone who bought books. Most of them should be in the mail by next week.


In other news, I’m the guest blogger today at Stuff Christians Like, with a post about saints and holiness. If you’ve been missing this blog, head on over there for some good times.

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