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A couple weeks back, with our 5-Sentence Scary Story Contest, we indirectly explored the power of voice when it comes to writing. As a writer, “voice” is important. I use it all the time, whether it’s in writing my Pocket …Read More

It’s time, dear readers, for another Christian video along the lines of “The Breakfast Song” or “Jesus Is My Friend.” This one is called “Jesus Christ Is Coming.” It’s by a guy named Jim Blackmon. I have no idea who …Read More

I’ve been told that people will stop reading your blog if you don’t post to it regularly. So here I am with my first post since last Thursday, when I promised to give you a recap of my trip to …Read More

One of the fun and interesting things about publishing books like Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse and Pocket Guide to the Bible is that, once you write a book on a certain subject, people think you’re an expert on that …Read More

I’m sure you heard about President Obama’s commencement address at Notre Dame over the weekend. It was not without some controversy among pro-life groups at the Catholic university. He addressed the abortion issue by calling for a reduction in abortions, …Read More

My friend Kevin Hendricks is a fellow freelance writer whom I’ve known for several years. We’ve written for some of the same magazines, commented on each other’s blogs, and followed each other on Twitter for a long time. He’s a …Read More

Good morning, Jason. Good morning. How are you? Fine. Thanks for asking. This is a weird way to start off a blog post. I agree, but you’re the one who just jumped right in and said “Good morning.” Not me. …Read More

Congratulations to Ted Slater, the winner of yesterday’s Five-Sentence Scary Story Contest. Honorable Mention goes to Lauren Sawyer, who also had an excellent entry. To recap, I posted a photo of an unknown family standing in front of the world’s …Read More

Time for something fun: a story contest. The people below are not anyone I know. They are standing in front of a fairly popular roadside stop in the Midwest. Your job is to come up with a creative and frightening …Read More

From the overflowing “Dear Christians, This Is a Bad Idea” files, let me pontificate upon two new celebrities in the world of Christian culture: 1. Tyler Frost, the boy who wanted to go to prom. Poor Tyler just wanted to …Read More