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Are you familiar with If not, you should be. Go there now, look around, enjoy yourself, then come back here. On my way to work a couple days ago, I ended up behind this vehicle at a stoplight. My …Read More

To those of you who are now arriving here thanks to my apocalyptic guest post today on Stuff Christians Like, welcome. Pull up a vintage yellow 1960s chair and look around. Before you look around, though, please tell me who …Read More

I can’t believe I’ve never posted about this before. I’m a writer, for Grisham’s sake. I write books! Shouldn’t there be a blog post where I give an overview of all those books? Yes, there should. Preferably in the form …Read More

Introducing a new occasional series here. It’s called “Did You Know?” It’s a brain-dump of things I know which you may not know. My dream is for it to be educational, fun, and entertaining all at the same time. My …Read More

I was gently mocked yesterday on Twitter for pushing a bunch of products yesterday — some of which are sorta pricey — during a recession. Of course, they’re products that have made my life better and brought me a little …Read More

I’ve been thinking recently about consumerism and simplicity and the economy and my spending habits (as have, probably, a whole lot of people). I’m not much of a brand-conscious kind of guy — if anything, my loyalty is more often …Read More

Last night, new U.S. President Barack Obama retook the oath of office after he and Chief Justice Roberts botched it at the inauguration. Their reason for doing so? According to a written statement from White House Counsel Greg Craig, it …Read More

A couple of days ago I linked to an article I wrote for Collide Magazine, an excellent and growing publication about the collision of religion and media. I think Collide is doing a lot of things right. It’s well-designed, it’s …Read More

I didn’t plan to, but I ended up live-tweeting the inauguration. Thought I’d post the feed here because I didn’t really plan anything else for today, blog-wise. Anything I have to say would be no different from most other people …Read More

Back in September, I mentioned spending a week doing interviews with various funny people for a Collide Magazine article. Wait a second. “Funny people” is a weird way to describe a person. It makes me think of clowns and floppy …Read More