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Are you familiar with If not, you should be. Go there now, look around, enjoy yourself, then come back here. On my way to work a couple days ago, I ended up behind this vehicle at a stoplight. My […]

To those of you who are now arriving here thanks to my apocalyptic guest post today on Stuff Christians Like, welcome. Pull up a vintage yellow 1960s chair and look around. Before you look around, though, please tell me who […]

I can’t believe I’ve never posted about this before. I’m a writer, for Grisham’s sake. I write books! Shouldn’t there be a blog post where I give an overview of all those books? Yes, there should. Preferably in the form […]

Introducing a new occasional series here. It’s called “Did You Know?” It’s a brain-dump of things I know which you may not know. My dream is for it to be educational, fun, and entertaining all at the same time. My […]

I was gently mocked yesterday on Twitter for pushing a bunch of products yesterday — some of which are sorta pricey — during a recession. Of course, they’re products that have made my life better and brought me a little […]

I’ve been thinking recently about consumerism and simplicity and the economy and my spending habits (as have, probably, a whole lot of people). I’m not much of a brand-conscious kind of guy — if anything, my loyalty is more often […]

Last night, new U.S. President Barack Obama retook the oath of office after he and Chief Justice Roberts botched it at the inauguration. Their reason for doing so? According to a written statement from White House Counsel Greg Craig, it […]

A couple of days ago I linked to an article I wrote for Collide Magazine, an excellent and growing publication about the collision of religion and media. I think Collide is doing a lot of things right. It’s well-designed, it’s […]

I didn’t plan to, but I ended up live-tweeting the inauguration. Thought I’d post the feed here because I didn’t really plan anything else for today, blog-wise. Anything I have to say would be no different from most other people […]

Back in September, I mentioned spending a week doing interviews with various funny people for a Collide Magazine article. Wait a second. “Funny people” is a weird way to describe a person. It makes me think of clowns and floppy […]