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December 2008 Archives

After two days of family parties and meals hosted at our house, we’re still decompressing. I’ll most likely get back to regular blogging briefly next week but it will probably be 2009 before we return to a regular schedule. So…hope …Read More

One of my former TrueU editors, the current ski bum Matthew H. John, reminded me last week about an article I wrote last Christmas for the now defunct webmag. It was called “My Favorite Christmas Story” and it’s about a …Read More

My brother-in-law sent me the photo below. It’s a screen capture from the Billy Graham Christmas special (with Franklin Graham), which aired on local stations somewhere between Dec. 6 and Dec 14 this year. I didn’t watch the show — …Read More

As an early Christmas gift for you, I am providing you a gift most of you will be able to use many times over the next year. As a Facebook user, I know how difficult it is to come up …Read More

I sorta like like formatting a blog post as a conversation between two Jasons, so I’m gonna do it again. Don’t you dare try to stop me. ————- Jason 1 (interviewer): So you said you had an announcement. What is …Read More

I’ve been wondering this for a few days, so I’m going to drop it on the table. Watch out for the splatter. Please read and discuss. Question for the Day: What’s the relationship between talking about doing something and, you …Read More

So it’s a typical day in Holland Township, a lovely community along the New Jersey/Pennsylvania border. It’s quiet, serene, and bustling with busy families preparing for Christmas. Then a young white supremacist couple walks into a Shop-Rite Supermarket in New …Read More

I scour the Interwebs for mind-blowing, helpful, and/or inspiring content so you don’t have to. I consider this a public service. Other people consider this “screwing around looking at websites.” Call it what you will. May the following information entertain …Read More

Save the world, one click at a time: I just finished up writing a short magazine article about click-for-charity sites. Many of you are probably aware of these online destinations, but I thought I’d do my good deed for the …Read More

The other day a friend of mine was showing off the fact that he had that cool iPhone application, Shazam, that appears in the commercial…you know, the one where you can hold it up to any song that’s playing and …Read More