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SL writes:

“My daughter was born with Chiron in the fourth house. She was born August 14th, and I’ve cried almost every night since about it. I don’t understand. It’s the one thing in her chart that makes me worry. Other than that, her chart is so fantastically beautiful!”

First of all, I assume you are worried that Chiron in your child’s Fourth House means (for her) that “I will be wounded by my mother.” Second, going by Whole Sign Houses (which is what I find work better) that Chiron is actually in your daughter’s Fifth house.

But let’s assume for a moment that Chiron is in the 4th house. Yes, that could sometimes indicate that a person was wounded by their mother. but the Fourth House, like any House in the birth chart, rules more than one thing. It could indicate, for example, ongoing economic rivalry with a future sibling. It could mean she gets picked on at school by other kids for some reason. It could indicate unforeseen difficulties with her own children.

Heck, it could even mean that she will be bitten by a friend’s dog. That’s the joy of derivative Houses in astrology: like parenthood itself, it will give you ample opportunity to worry if you are looking to worry. And being a parent, especially with your first child, is a worry-fest.

Or… it might not indicate any serious psychological wounds at all. Let me explain.

Regardless of the House that we count Chiron as being in, note the aspects to it. There is only one strong major aspect, and that is a trine to Mercury. If you count Chiron as being the only point in a birth chart that can cause “wounding”? This is not the birth chart of “a damaged human being.” This is more like the the birth chart of a therapist, or a healer.

Also: I had a look at your birth chart. As far as parenting skills go? You’ve got the goods. Being worried about how good you’ll be at it just confirms that for me. Besides… full disclosure… I was born with Moon in Cancer right on the Ascendant. If “having a natural understanding of babies, but fretting over them constantly” was an Olympic event, my picture would be on a box of Wheaties by now.


And, speaking of babies: this week’s installment of Radio Free Astrology covers (among other things) the astrology of fertility and making babies — or avoiding making babies, if that’s your preference. It also features a segment on timing surgery. Here’s the show. Click and have a listen. I think you will find it interesting and informative. You can play it in the background and listen while you go about your regular business of being annoyed with people on Twitter or playing with your cat!

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