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Matthew currie astrology facebook libra cyrptocurrencyThis Tuesday, Facebook announced that it would be entering the booming business of cryptocurrency by creating/backing what they are calling “Libra.”

For those of you unfamiliar with “cryptocurrency”: it’s basically money without a physical form, unlike the currency issued by governments.. I’m going to be upfront with you all about this… I inherently don’t believe in what cryptocurrency fans love about the concept. Maybe that’s just because I’m turning into A Grumpy Old Man who won’t embrace change. But personally? It’s because cryptocurrency advocates are big fans of the idea that cryptocurrency can’t be forged. There’s some reason to believe that. It doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

But: I may not know that much about blockchain computations or cryptocurrency, but I know Human Nature. Human Nature is basically the entire reason for my career. And if you tell me that “cryptocurrency” can’t be forged, I would remind you that cryptocurrency was invented by and used by the smartest, shadiest, most determined, and most thieving species Earth has ever seen.

That, and stealing $40 million dollars from a bank would require a truck and a lot of heavy lifting. The cryptocurrency exchange Binance was robbed of $40 million dollars last month… and how much did those electrons weigh?


Libras, in general, are not taking this news well. Officially, Facebook says they chose “Libra” as a name because “Libra” was a unit of weight used in Ancient Rome used to mint coins, because it evokes the French word libre (“free”), and that there is a connection to the astrological symbolism of The Balance.

(FUN FACT: “Libra” is also a popular brand of tampon in Australia)

Undoubtedly, on some level or another, Facebook was also hoping to co-opt the traditional qualities associated with Libra (the Sign): fairness, partnership, and a concern for the well-being of others. Those are all great qualities. Frankly, if I was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, I’d love to co-opt those principles… given Facebook’s reputation for violating your privacy, making your data available to others you don’t want having it, being an unwitting participant in spreading disinformation, and so on.

There was obviously zero input from an astrologer on this. I haven’t been able to pin down when the Libra cryptocurrency announcement was made (It was June 18th in San Francisco), but I do know that (at that time) the Moon was approaching the conjunction to Saturn. Also, The Moon, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and the Nodes were all in either Cancer or Capricorn: the Signs that square Libra. This strikes me as a terrible time to announce anything called “Libra.”

That, and although I haven’t been able to track down when the press conference/announcement started, but somewhere around 9 to 10:30 AM seems likely. And that (by Whole Sign Houses) would push Mercury, Mars, and the North Node up into the local 12th House (“hidden enemies, deception”), and the Moon, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node into the local Sixth House (“everyday functionality”).

The general ruler of “money” is Venus, and it only receives two relatively weak major aspects in this chart: an opposition to Jupiter and a square to Neptune. None of this makes me want to open up my (very real, physical) wallet to shell out for some cryptocurrency.

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