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matthew currie astrology jupiter in sagittarius loveJupiter enters Sagittarius in less than a week, and that promises to be good news (in general) for all things Jupiter-related. Jupiter is the natural ruler of marriage and committed relationships, so today for your edification and delight, I present A True Tale of Jupiter In Sagittarius Committed Love.


Carl von Cosel (born February 8th 1877, time unknown, Dresden Germany) may technically have been an Aquarius, but with his Moon, Mars, and Jupiter all in Sagittarius, that was the Sign that best exemplified his life. Though born in Germany, he traveled the world and eventually found himself in Australia, where for a time he found himself held in “safekeeping” in a concentration camp (what with him being German and World War One going on and all). He didn’t let this hold him back, and he developed an interest in science and technology, eventually ending up as a radiology technician in Key West, Florida.

It was there on April 22nd, 1930, as the transiting Sun and North Node were closely conjunct his Neptune, that the (literal) woman of his dreams walked into his life.

As a child Carl claimed that he was visited by a dead ancestor who showed him the face of his One True Love: an exotic dark-haired beauty that he would one day find and fall in love with. And on that fateful Tuesday in April, Carl met the woman he had seen in that childhood vision: Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos, a young beauty of Cuban descent. Of course, Carl fell in love with her at first sight, and of course (given his line of work) she was dying of tuberculosis.

Carl struggled mightily to keep Maria alive, borrowing X-ray and other equipment from work and taking it to her home to treat her in a desperate attempt to keep her alive. Unfortunately she died in October the following year. Carl paid for her funeral, and commissioned the construction of an above-ground mausoleum fit for a princess, which he visited every night.

Most tragic love stories would end at this point. But since we’re talking about the boundless enthusiasm and optimism of Jupiter in Sagittarius, there’s more.

Carl claimed that Maria visited him in spirit form on many nights while he sat by the grave, and that eventually Maria began asking him to take her home with him.

So what else was a man in love supposed to do? Carl took Maria home with him. Given the unusual nature of their relationship, this required a bit of work on his part. Specifically, Carl had to replace her eyeballs with glass replicas, hold her bones together with wire and coat hangers, stuff her abdomen with rags, and replace her decomposing flesh with silk cloth that had been soaked in wax and plaster of Paris.

It’s amazing what a man will do for the woman he loves, isn’t it?

The couple “lived” a happy and uneventful “life” together until October 1940, when Maria’s sister confronted him at his home after hearing rumors that he was sleeping with Maria’s body. Perhaps if Carl and Maria weren’t in the habit of dancing the night away in front of his open window, no one would have caught on.

Carl was found competent to stand trial, and was charged with destroying a grave and removing a body without authorization. However the charges were dropped, because love may be forever, but there’s a statute of limitations on grave-robbing in Florida.

Carl von Closel died in 1952. He never married after Maria died. History does not record whether or not that’s because he was still in love with her, or simply because he was never able to get past that first date question, “tell me a little more about yourself.”


So you see, even though Sagittarius has a reputation for being a little commitment-phobic, Jupiter in Sagittarius can still be wonderful for making a relationship last…. perhaps even making it last longer than it should.

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