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matthew currie astrology mercury retrograde 2018Mercury has turned retrograde once again, lasting until August 16th, and it’s time for the traditional reminders to stay calm, alongside warnings about being careful with your communications and your short trips and your proofreading and so on.

I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to panic just a little, this time.

in astrology, as with everything else in life, no one thing happens in a complete vacuum. It’s true that Mercury retrograde is a time when little everyday plans and short trips are likely to go more haywire than usual, but it’s usually the other astrological transits happening at the time that are likely determine how messed up things are going to get. And this time around, things have the potential to get very, very messy.

This Mercury retrograde is happening within the context of a set of three very powerful Eclipses. The first of these three, in Cancer, has already happened, a second one occurs this Friday in Aquarius, and the final Eclipse on August 11th is in Leo. Eclipses set up the potential for wildly unpredictable results in whatever part of your birth chart they are affecting. Of course, not all surprises are bad, but it’s easy to see how, with Mercury retrograde, the wrong word at the wrong time in the wrong year could trip off something unexpected that you don’t want that to happen.

As I have written here before, some people tend to get a too little apocalyptic about Eclipses. That usually turns out to be a very broad over-reaction, and I never endorse panic. But there is one other factor to consider during this Mercury retrograde that might even still a bit more sober consideration in you: the current condition of the planet Mars.

During this retrograde, Mars will be square Uranus. That aspect will tend to make your temper and drives erratic and relatively hard to control. It will likely have the same effect on those around you, and let’s be honest: those people probably aren’t aware enough of the astrology to avoid the common mistakes that come with Mercury retrograde, are they?

Having said that: you have survived plenty of Mercury retrogrades before this and I’m entirely convinced you’ll get through this one too. Just make sure to proofread your documents, think carefully before you sign any agreements, and look both ways before you cross the street. Worst case scenario? Follow the ancient and time-honored wisdom that philosophers have ascribed to for millennia: keep your mouth shut until your lawyer shows up.

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