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Have a look at the people in this picture. The picture comes from an ad on a public transit bus in the city where I live.

(Fun Fact: I don’t believe I have ever been on a Canadian public transit bus where there wasn’t some kind of Public Service Announcement ad like this, or for crisis counseling, or for free breast cancer screening, or whatever. On the other hand, I have never been on an American public transit bus that didn’t have a sign up telling people that assaulting the driver is a felony.)

Let’s look at the people on this bus, from left to right. First off, we have the two women. They seemed quite happy. this news about new bus routes seems to be making a positive impact on their lives.

Then we have the young couple who also seemed quite happy about something. Maybe she’s just discovered that a new bus route will get her to work ten minutes faster or something.

Off in the back we have a young man who I believe is on his phone, and he is looking at a young woman. I like to imagine that he’s calling his Mom to tell her about the new bus routes, because he knows the girl he’s talking to will think that’s sweet and she will be impressed with it.

Now let’s talk about the old guy with the beard on the right hand side of the picture. He seems confused, possibly frightened. What’s he thinking about?

Judging by his clothes, he shops at a thrift store. Not because he’s broke, but because he doesn’t like wasting money. Maybe he supports the charity there too. Either way we can tell this is a man who does not have a wife telling him how to dress, unless she is visually impaired or something.

But what could bearded man possibly be thinking about that is producing this expression, alone among the other people on this bus who are so very happy about their new bus routes, and their lives in general?

Maybe he’s forgotten where his stop is. Maybe he’s forgotten why he’s on the bus in the first place, and he is suddenly frightened, wondering if he is losing his mind. maybe he’s thinking that if his wife was still here things would be so much different and you would be so much happier and things would make so much more sense. He’s wondering if God has abandoned him, or if God even cares in the least. Everyone else on the bus seems to be delighted with the new bus routes but now he doesn’t even know why he’s on his regular bus. Why doesn’t life make sense anymore?

And yet, I like to think that the camera has captured the bearded man in a moment of revelation. Maybe he’s put some thought into all of these things and he realizes that he is part of a larger order, something far bigger and far grander than himself, and that even in moments of pain and confusion the universe has not kicked him to the curb.

He has thought about this and studied the matter and meditated and prayed and has come to the conclusion that he is trapped in a public service announcement for City Transit.

And when they eventually take this ad down and replaced it with something else, maybe no one will notice the image of the bearded man has disappeared completely from it. That’s because he has accessed his Higher Self and has transcended the physical limits of time and space and cardstock and has translated to a new plane of Enlightenment and Wonderment and Love. Through suffering, he has found Joy and Truth.

That’s because the bearded man in the bus ad is Neptune retrograde.

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