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beliefnet matthew currie leo compatibiityStand by for some potentially interesting times in your love life over the next week or so. Venus is in Leo, and that placement has a reputation for loving drama. Drama can be fun, but Venus isn’t getting a whole lot of support from the other planets. Right now and for the next few days, Venus will be square Uranus. That could increase your appetite for some sort of romantic adventure, but these are not particularly stable times for making any lasting decisions…


Poor Venus. She stepped off the plane as she arrived in Leo, and the place was just as sunny and bright as the brochure said… but the place was so humid that it frizzed out her hair, and she certainly couldn’t enjoy her trip knowing she looked like a puffball.


…then, as the influence of Venus square Uranus fades, Venus will be in a quincunx to Saturn. That aspect will make it especially difficult to make any changes of lasting value to either your love life or your finances. Finally, Venus opposite Mars will be giving a lot of people the urge for excitement and adventure, but none of it seems to be happening under terribly stable circumstances…


Venus was finally able to find the right conditioner in one of the nearby shops, after struggling to communicate in the local language.

Venus hadn’t had much time so far to get out and see some of the local sites or spend some time on the beach. In fact she was on her way to go Sundays when she ran into Manuel the pool attendant in the lobby. The attraction was instant. They went back to her room and spent the next three days there.

It was only after he left, and she tried to contact him on the cell phone number he gave her (which turned out to be fake) that her hotel did not, in fact, have a pool.


So there you have it. My advice to you as to how you handle your love life and your personal connections in the next week or so? Think things through. Think them through very carefully. Try not to give in to any sudden impulses to either run to or run away from someone.

…Or, if you insist on doing so anyway, make sure you pack the right conditioner and use protection.

COMING SOON: Will a square to Jupiter and a quincunx to Neptune help poor Venus at all? Hint: there’s a square and a quincunx involved. What do you think?

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