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Oh look... YOU again!

Oh look… YOU again!

(Disclaimer: astrologer Matthew Currie does not possess two X chromosomes, and thus cannot be considered “female” in any usual sense of the word. However, he has spent a lot of time around them, and in fact many of his best friends are females.)

I recently had a revelation about why it is that so many people reject astrology out of hand, and it came to me while reading about “Hormone Horoscopes.” To summarize: “Hormone Horoscopes” is a concept developed by journalist Gabrielle Lichterman, in which she notes that women with fairly regular menstrual cycles can learn to work with them to make better use of their state of mind at any given time of the month.

There is much anecdotal evidence (and a fair amount of it is actually backed by some science) that at any given time of the month a woman can be more trustful or suspicious or calm or irritable or aroused or not aroused or will enjoy chocolate more or less based on the hormones at play at the time. Of course, to assume that a woman’s moods and actions are going to be based entirely on this is stupid, sexist, and (most importantly) just plain wrong. And I am fully aware that a man commenting on these matters is at risk of coming across as a sexist idiot  (I know I’m not sexist, and I prefer to believe I’m not an idiot).

The Hormone Horoscope concept appears to work for a lot of women, and yet the general tone of the article I was reading was snarky and dismissive, as were most of the comments. The reason I bring this up here is because the comments closely mirror the kinds of comments I have received before from skeptics who have commented on my astrological writing. Namely: it’s impossible for human beings with brains and free will to be completely enslaved to celestial cycles.

Of course you have some choice over what you do and how you react to things. Understanding the influence that astrological forces can have doesn’t diminish your agency as a human being. It informs it. Just as having a monthly hormonal cycle doesn’t make you less involved with or responsible for your life, the fact that transiting Mars is square your Saturn can explain why you’re being so edgy– but it’s still no excuse for punching that guy in line ahead of you at the grocery store (tempting though it may be). But I can understand how even a hint of cosmic powerlessness can lead people to reflexively reject astrology, even though that’s not what it’s about at all.

I guess when you get right down to it, we is astrologers should be doing a better job of getting out the word that astrology is empowering, not a denial. Learn how it works, and work with it, and in fact you’ll know the degree of power and freedom in your life you wouldn’t know otherwise.

PS: it’s worth noting that the woman who wrote that article dismissing the Hormone Horoscopes concept, one half menstrual cycle previously, wrote an article for the same site called “PMS Bitchiness Is Real, And It Is Spectacular.” Just sayin’.

PPS: If you don’t think “hormones” can affect your mood, when’s the last time you heard someone say “the suspected mass shooter is believed to have had a healthy a fulfilling sex life”?

PPS: As I write this, transiting Venus is conjunct my Moon, both opposite my natal Mars — which is taking a conjunction from transiting Pluto. Someone bring me a donut, dammit. NOW.

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