sat ura coverUranus enters Taurus today, and stays there until a retrograde moves it back for a final pass through Aries in September. Astrologically this is pretty big news and you will be hearing plenty about it both here and elsewhere in the astrological community. I want to kick off your Uranus in Taurus in a way that’s maybe a little different from how many others will be approaching it.

Instead of speaking about Uranus in Taurus in broad, global terms — let’s talk about how Uranus in Taurus will be affecting you personally.


Although (other than the previously mentioned retrograde) Uranus will be in Taurus until 2025,  between now and September is going to be a very significant time. That’s when Uranus trine Saturn will be happening. Despite everything else going on in the Zodiac, this will be the dominant energy throughout most of the year, and frankly I have a hard time thinking of a more useful aspect — if you work with it properly.

Saturn in Capricorn is a powerful force for imposing structure and order on your life. Uranus in Taurus is a different matter entirely: a bold and reckless energy that can be easy to mismanage, but achieves pure brilliance when handled properly. And since Uranus is technically in the Sign of its “fall” in Taurus (being opposite Scorpio, where Uranus is exalted), it could use a helping hand from Saturn — even if the two planets are o0f completely different natures.

I’m assembling an e-book about this, entitled Saturn Trine Uranus: Playing With Power. I’ll be sending this out to all of my clients I do readings for in the next few months, as an adjunct to then regular reading (it will also be available separately).  If you have any important placements in the first five or six degrees of any given Sign, then Saturn trine Uranus will be having a direct effect on you somehow. And frankly? I’m a bit tired of the idea that astrology is something that just happens to you. Understand the conditions, work with them, and get maximum results. That’s what Uranus specializes in: doing your thing with what’s handed you, and not just taking it on the chin.

My e-book will go into detail on a weekly basis as to how you can work with this energy to get maximum effect. Feel free to write me about it!

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