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matthew currie astrology roseanne barrIt’s been a wild ride for Roseanne Barr. After having had one of the biggest TV hits of the 90s, she drifted off into relative obscurity, save for the occasional rant on Twitter. Then, three months ago, she and her sitcom (along with the original cast) returned to ABC and was a huge hit, and was quickly renewed for a second season. But on Monday night Roseanne launched a series of racist and/or hateful tweets (and possibly Islamophobic, anti-semitic, or “lookist” but hey — I’m not going to repeat her words here) that got her fired and her show canceled… And the astrology behind it is fascinating.

(But first, a word about free speech, because there are some of you out there yelling about “censorship” over this firing. If I believe bananas are a threat to society’s moral fiber, I am free to think and say so. And if I do so here on this blog, and Beliefnet fears the wrath of the Intercontinental Banana Marketing Board, then Beliefnet is free to fire me. That isn’t censorship, that’s good business sense. Also, just to clarify: I think bananas are great, so please don’t fire me Beliefnet.)

Roseanne Barr (born November 3rd 1952, 1:21 PM, Salt Lake City Utah) has a prominent t-square driving her birth chart. She has a strongly placed Mars in Capricorn in the 12th House (which is a great placemnt for lashing out at people, but not so great for choosing the right target) opposed by Uranus. Both of these placements are being squared by a Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Libra. A t-square like that could potentially make a person either very outspoken, or completely obnoxious… and you may have noticed that the difference between “outspoken” and “obnoxious” is mostly based on whether or not you agree with the person in question.

Mars is the traditional ruler of her Scorpio Midheaven and her Sun, and her Mars has been getting a lot of very strong aspects lately. Pluto has been conjunct her Mars for a couple of years now, Neptune has been sextile it for a couple of years as well, and over the last several months Jupiter has been trine her Mars. Thus it should be no surprise that she has experienced a big career resurgence recently.

But what transit could have possibly pulled the rug out from under her career so quickly? Normally in a situation like this you would be looking at difficult aspects to her Midheaven or Midheaven ruler. Transiting Jupiter is square the modern ruler of her Midheaven, which is Pluto. That’s a transit that could potentially spell trouble for the career, but in and of itself doesn’t account for the dramatic overnight crash and burn she experienced.

Believe it or not, we can blame much of this on the Moon. On Monday night when Roseanne went off the rails on Twitter, there was a Full Moon in effect opposite her natal Moon in Gemini. And although I don’t talk much about secondary progressions here, the secondary progressed Moon played an important role in this. her secondary progressed Moon is currently at 17 degrees Libra, square her Mars and feeding into her t-square.

Put another way: love her or hate her, Roseanne Barr has always been outspoken/obnoxious. Monday night’s outburst was just Roseanne being Roseanne on a particularly moody and irritable night. So essentially what happened is that her natural temperament got the better of her, her judgment failed, and she got fired for it. Roseanne Barr’s personality gave her all the rope she needed to hang herself with. Or, as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus put it: character is destiny.

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