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beliefnet astrology matthew currie sagittariusReady for an adventure? Then why not try to strap a saddle on a Sagittarius? They have a reputation for being fun and freewheeling and, frankly, to be easier to catch than to keep. Sometimes it’s a matter of getting the Centaur’s attention, and sometimes it’s more a matter of keeping it. Either way, seduction skills (like riding lessons) will do a lot to help you keep you Sag on the trail. Start by CLICKING HERE and reading the introduction to this series, then get ready to play along!

(The most important rule? Show up! Ha. Okay, seriously: Sagittarius usually has a hard time hiding its enthusiasms, and if you’re one of them you likely know it already. Still, no harm in putting some planning into it, is there…?)

ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? Sagittarians are often prone to serious thought and long philosophical digressions, but more often than not it’s accompanied by a firm sense of “fun.” Yes, meeting and mating are serious pursuits, but there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t have a sporting element to them. Or, as a Sagittarius might put it, “yeah I like you babe but lighten up a little, okay pal?” Romance should be fun, shouldn’t it?

YOU’VE CONVINCED ME! It’s strange but true — you aren’t likely to see this tactic in a typical Harlequin Romance or date movie, but you can often get a Sagittarius to play along with your amorous intent by simply being straightforward about it. After all, if you’ve connected and everyone’s on the same page, what could be more fun than saying something like “hey, you know what would be a blast? If we went and got a motel room now!”

THAT’S INTERESTING. TELL ME MORE!  Some Sagittarians are more talkative than others, but they all tend to be thinkers in one way or another… and if you’ve stumbled onto one of their pet topics, they love nothing better than to go on and on — um, I mean, discuss the matter in further detail. Then feel free to raise some general questions, but not disagree too much. Or, maybe disagree as much as you want — Sag loves a good debate. Debate tonight, seduce later…?

DON’T BE AFRAID TO STRUT. Let’s be honest here: you’re looking for tips on how to seduce a Sagittarius, but you wouldn’t be engaged in such a pursuit unless you knew you had something to offer, right? No need to brag or show off, but be fully aware of what you bring to the table. Sagittarius appreciates a little swagger, and that sort of thing isn’t just for Leos anymore….

Finally, if you want to seduce a Sagittarius there is something you should avoid it all costs. You’ve heard of “horseplay”? Well, horses are so playful when they have a sense that you’re baiting a trap for them. Sagittarius can be is serious and committed is anyone else, but they tend to be a little shy when it comes to signing up for a long-term contract on the first date. Getting a Sagittarius is one thing, but if you want to keep one long term, don’t mention it on the first date, okay?

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