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beliefnet astrology taurus matthew currie(Before you decide to storm into the Taurus bullpen of love, CLICK HERE to read the introduction to the series)

Pretty much everyone loves love, and it’s no surprise the Taurus – being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love – has a particular talent for drawing attention that way. This might explain in part the reputation for “going slow”: in general Taurus tends to be slow to decide on and commit either romantically, or to a meal choice for that matter. As the saying goes, “you can have it fast or you can have a good,” and that applies in particular to Taurus.

Here are some general Bull-taming tips. Remember that these all apply to varying degrees to the Sun Sign, Venus Sign, and Mars Sign, as outlined in the introduction.

OPEN YOUR HEART AND YOUR WALLET: Taurus has a particular dislike for “cheapness,” whether it’s of the financial or emotional variety. If Taurus was your cat, they’d hold out for the expensive can of Fancy Feast and jump on your face that night if you served them the generic brand. This may be the single biggest key to getting and keeping a Taurus. You’d better treat them like a blue-chip investment.

WORK THE SENSES: Bulls are creatures of the senses. Wear something that invites touch, make sure you smell good, and for heaven’s sake shower/shave/do your hair and all that. Don’t take them somewhere loud and obnoxious for that first date!

WORK THE NECK: As soon as you are at the “physical contact” stage, remember that Taurus rules the neck, and they are particularly sensitive there. If you have massage skills, this could be a winning ploy — they park their tension in the neck too.

COMFORT AND CLASS: Taurus loves a good feeding — who doesn’t? — but especially Taurus. Comfort food is a sure winner — yes, even if your Taurus claims to be on a diet. Served in either a classy restaurant setting or a cozy home and you’ve got a winner. Knowing how to cook well is a huge bonus skill.

One thing you should definitely avoid with the Taurus is the full-on frontal assault approach. When it’s time to charge in, the Bull will do the charging. Until then, you’ll simply have to work your moves the best you can and be safely encouraging. Don’t ever get behind a Bull and push!

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