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Enough of the fear. Enough of the discomfort. 2018 is the year we start turning this thing around. Saturn has its eye on you, and sees you — right now, whoever you are, and it’s here to help.

Is that a bit scary? Maybe it should be. Change… real change… is something we all crave but it contains the potential for new and unexpected pains and challenges. And that’s okay: being afraid of your challenges is natural. In fact, if you weren’t afraid at all, that would likely mean that you’re missing the point somehow. Saturn in Capricorn is not the thing causing you fear. Saturn in Capricorn is the backbone that will help you stand up and rise above the things that are holding you back. Just remember that “standing up” requires some work, and sometimes it requires facing Uncomfortable Things. Here: let me show you how it’s done.


Here is an Uncomfortable Thing: I once allowed myself to be the near-total focus of someone else’s pain and rage and insecurities, and I stood there and I took it (and I took it and I took it, look at how strong I am, I can take this crap!) out of a misguided sense that I was doing the right thing. And now I’m embracing the challenge of rising above the damage that has been done to me, because the world needs me to be bigger and better than I am at this moment. And the world needs you to be that, too.


Did any of that sound the least bit familiar to you? I said it out loud and wasn’t struck by lightning. Maybe you won’t be either.


This year, and the era of Saturn in Capricorn in general, can be the start of an incredible new life for you (and for all of us) if we are willing to face the challenges and do the work. There’s no way around the work part. If you want anything good in this life it’s going to require some work, otherwise life — most likely, someone else — will do the work for you. And no, you don’t want that.

Let’s face this together. I am up for the challenge, and I believe you are too. Feel free to drop by my Facebook Group, or drop me a line in person, and together we can make 2018 the Best Year Ever. You with me?

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