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matthew currie astrology martin luther king jr saturn returnOne of the better-known concepts in astrology is the Saturn Return. This happens roughly once every 28 years or so, when Saturn returns to the same point of the Zodiac that it was at when you were born. It generally has a reputation for being a difficult time, filled with unexpected challenges. Of course the actual results vary from person to person, and are dependent upon such things as the aspects Saturn has in the birth chart and other transits that are going on at the time.

What’s less well-known is that a birth chart continues to respond to transits even after the physical death of the person in question. This brings me to Martin Luther King Jr. and his third Saturn Return, which is happening now.

Not only is Dr. King’s chart experiencing its third Saturn Return, it is also undergoing the effects of transiting Neptune conjunct natal Venus, and the relatively rare Pluto Opposition (Pluto is so slow that most people don’t live long enough to experience the Pluto Opposition).

Any birth chart that has Saturn in the 8th House could well expect there to be some trouble upon the Saturn Return related to sex and/or hidden matters. In this case, Saturn is also the ruler of the Midheaven, which has a lot to do with public image. So does the ascendant, and in Martin Luther King Junior’s case that ascendant is ruled by Venus, which is getting that Neptune Transit now.

So it may not be as much of a surprise as you’d think that with last week’s big document dump of files related to the John F Kennedy assassination, somehow or other there was also an FBI document released about Dr. King… specifically, a round-up of(unconfirmed) rumors involving orgies and homosexual activities. Keep in mind that, at the time, the FBI considered Martin Luther King Jr. to potentially be a significant threat to the social order. I guess he actually was a threat to the social order, if you think about it… and in this case that is a very good thing.

What’s really interesting about this, besides the fact that astrology keeps working after you’re dead, is that nothing that was revealed in this FBI document is actually news. I don’t recall whether or not anything had been officially said about the FBI file on Dr. King previous to this, but it was more or less an Open Secret that his sexual activities were less than completely vanilla and straight-laced.

So why is all this coming out now? That’s a question many people are asking, especially given that the FBI document dump was supposed to be entirely related to the JFK assassination. Of course, I’m guessing that the people asking that question haven’t had a look at the astrology involved…

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