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matthew currie astrology charles mansonCharles Manson died recently. This is not a surprise, given his age. However I’ve been surprised by the reactions of some people to this news. Charles Manson has his defenders (believe it or not), and although not many people were outright fans of his, um… body of work, there are more people out there than I would have expected seeing things like “hey, he couldn’t help it, he was a victim of abuse” or “you know, he didn’t actually kill anyone himself.”

This brings to mind one of the biggest difficulties with astrological interpretation, and indeed with life itself: objectivity. If you love Celebrity A but hate Politician B, it’s easy to think that if they both have exactly the same transit happening, A will experience the full benefits of it and B will be crushed by it. If they both have, say, Mars in Scorpio, then A will be “powerfully motivated” by it and B will be “a back-stabber.”

Ever inflate any of your experiences when writing a resume to get a job you really want? I’ll bet you have. All it takes is a little creativity to make your two years working the cash register at The Dairy Barn sound like a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

In that spirit then, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Charles Manson’s birth chart, and see how there is a difference between the potentials in a birth chart and how they actually get used.


Sun conjunct Venus in the 7th house

A natural “people person” if ever there was one. Well liked, charming, and persuasive. Put this guy in charge of your Sales Department and watch your company thrive!

Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the Descendant

A natural team-builder. His outstanding communication skills bring people together to work for a common cause!

Moon in Aquarius conjunct the North Node

A gifted intelligence which brings many skills to the table, and that can easily adapt to change. Your company needs minds like this!

Capricorn Midheaven, ruled by Saturn in Aquarius

A dedicated worker capable of committing himself to any goal he sets his mind to, and the kind of person who naturally ascends to leadership positions!

Uranus conjunct the Ascendant

Has a unique and energizing effect on those around him. Watch his co-workers respond to his ideas with enthusiasm!

Mars conjunct Neptune in the 5th house

Creative and dynamic, incredibly charismatic, with the adaptability your business needs in our ever-changing world!


Okay, that was obviously sarcastic. Yet, in and of themselves, those are all perfectly legitimate interpretations of what those aspects actually mean. There’s bound to be plenty of great potentials in your birth chart — are you sure you’re using them wisely?

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