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matthew currie astrology seduce libraLibras have a reputation for being generally nice and pleasant, and for wanting to make their environments and the people in them as comfortable and/or “pretty” as possible. There is a certain amount of truth to that, but never forget that Libras are humans first, and as a result can be just as pushy and obnoxious as anyone else want to comes to getting their way… they’re just usually more charming about it. Want to kick off a relationship with a Libra? Here are some tips, but first read the Introduction to this series

EVERYONE LOVES ROMANCE, BUT SOME MORE THAN OTHERS: Libras are very good at things like dating and romantic gestures (usually), and they seem to especially appreciate it when you go out of your way to do the same for them. Yes, even if it’s a male Libra we’re talking about, this is a man who will probably appreciate it if you buy flowers for him. Don’t be afraid to look like a little bit of a fool for love with Libra.

PICK UP ON THE SIGNALS: Like anyone else, a Libra is an individual with his or her own tastes, style, and desires. Whatever condition your Libra shows up in, it wasn’t an accident. If you find something about your Libras style that you genuinely like, do make sure you mention it. Oh, and do watch those manners at the dinner table, won’t you…?

HOW DO YOU LIKE IT? Yes, a Libra is going to be concerned about your comfort and well-being. The truth is though, sometimes they’re so good at it but they tend to overlook their own. Reward their attentiveness with a bit of your own, and show them that their efforts are welcome and appreciated.

OH, BEHAVE! They say that chivalry is dead. It may not be totally dead, but it’s obvious that it has seen better days. Libras, male or female, and whether they are obvious or not about it, tend to miss that sort of thing. Regardless of who you are or you are intended Libra is, a touch of the “traditional gender roles” every once in a while will probably help your cause.

And finally, if you don’t want to frighten your Libra off, here’s something to completely avoid: don’t get too heavy too quickly. Libras may be “in love with love” but when it comes to actually taking things to quote the next level,” whether that’s a roll in the hay or marriage, they can often get skittish. Make sure you both agree to the terms of the deal before you seal it. Oh, and did I mention the whole “tuck in your shirt/watch your table manners” thing…?

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