matthew currie astrology seduce ariesSo: you’ve decided to seduce an Aries. It’s easy enough to get initial attention from one of those Ram People, but it can be a little trickier to hold it long enough to get anywhere with it. This does not at all mean they are fickle. It’s just that, as Signs go, they tend to have a short attention span. Fortunately there are a few simple tips and tricks that can help you achieve your goal, and get and keep the Aries Love Attention.

Remember that these all apply to various degrees to the Sun Sign, Venus Sign, and Mars Sign, as outlined in the introduction, which you should go back and read now if you haven’t already.

SHOW INTEREST BUT BE A CHALLENGE: All the same rules apply to Aries as they do to everyone else, but at heart Aries loves a challenge. Let your Aries know you’re interested but then find a way to pull it back a little at the last minute. This will show both interest a present a challenge.

Example: “Hey, wouldn’t it be great to go out to dinner? Unless of course you’re just too busy or something…”

FOLLOW THEIR LEAD: Aries has a fondness for being in charge. Don’t harsh their buzz by disagreeing with their decisions too much. If Aries comes up with an idea you don’t want to go for, try steering him or her to a similar alternative rather than just shooting it down.

BUST OUT SOME SWAGGER: Aries likes to come across as confident even if they aren’t always. They are also drawn to that sort of thing in a potential mate. You’re not clashing with them, you’re bringing your own strength to the table. So: chin up, chest out, and don’t slouch.

KEEP IT FRESH: Aries has a reputation for being a bit impatient, and for not having the world’s longest attention span. That reputation is well-earned. So no matter which tip or trick or technique works, keep working variations on it.

…And finally, one thing to avoid: be careful not to deflate their ego. Aries is the Sign in which the sun is in its “exaltation,” and the sun is the Ego. This does not necessarily mean that an Aries is an egomaniac, but it can be easy to bruise that part of their psyche. Oh, but don’t let them know you’re handling them with kid gloves either.

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