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Tmatthew currie astrology nodeshe effects of the Moon’s Nodes are a little like karma, or art, or pornography… everyone knows what those things are when they see them, but pinning down a quick and simple definition is a little trickier.

The North Node is sometimes called “The Dragon’s Head,” and the South Node is referred to as “The Dragon’s Tail.” In Karmic terms, think of the Head as the part of the Dragon that goes around trying to eat up all the karmic destiny you were put here to experience, and the South Node is where all the old karma poops out. So, just as any animal goes through life eating and excreting, on a fuzzier, harder to define, “karmic” level — we do same thing.

The North Node brings opportunities for growth and expansion. It points to where you’re supposed to be doing your Higher Spiritual Learning. It can also (not coincidentally) represent an area of your life you may be a little afraid of. The South Node, on the other hand, represents the karmic past. This could mean either previous lives, or your childhood background and environment, or (probably) a combination of the two. There’s a tendency among some to think of the North as the “good Node” and the South as the “bad Node,” but that’s oversimplifying things.

Furthermore, the Nodes are always opposite each other. So for example, if you have your North Node in the Third House at 12 degrees Taurus, your South Node is automatically going to be found in the Ninth House at 12 degrees Scorpio. Got that? Good.

Here’s a quick and handy guide to how the house placements of your Nodes direct your karmic lessons, guide your spiritual and material development, and drive you and others nuts:

North in 1/South in 7: Yes, it’s all about relationships… you versus the world, one person at a time. You are potentially the person who takes over in a crisis and leads others to better places, if you weren’t so afraid of empowering yourself that much. You’re usually good with accommodating your partners.

North in 2/South in 8: Hey, we all love you, so maybe you could lighten up a bit with things, just maybe? Making money and building a life in the material world is what we’re here for, and one way or another you have a talent for that. But relax, already! You have the capacity to love and to hang onto someone or something to death.

North in 3/South in 9: You have the ability to create your own reality. By that, I mean you have the capacity to get so deep into the details and distractions of your mental life that you could completely miss out on that oncoming truck. Overall, you’re probably pretty idealistic in a lot of ways. Just keep in mind that just because you have a belief system doesn’t mean it’s always right… for you or anyone else.

North in 4/South in 10: Face your real needs! You hunger for grounding, whether it’s with your family, a career, or a lifestyle. You’ve probably set out a lot of goals for yourself, and are probably annoyed that so many of them have fallen short. That may not be the Universe’s fault after all… like I said: face your REAL needs!

North in 5/South in 11: People tend to like you and are generally drawn to you, and whatever form your interactions take, you’re probably good at them. This is because you tend to see people both as individuals as as part of a Bigger Picture. Isn’t that awesome? Now stop socializing and get back to work. Your coffee break ended ten minutes ago.

North in 6/South in 12: You’re good at observing, figuring things out, and finding practical solutions. Unfortunately, you’re also good at staying in your head and withdrawing from the battles of daily life. You may find you have a hard time “fighting the power” and putting those plans into action.

North in 7/South in 1: Once you learn to relax and let go with people, you’ll be a master at relating to them. First, you’ll have to learn that people aren’t just there to get in the way, be stupid, and block your view. In a pinch, you’re good at rolling the dice and going with whatever opportunity presents itself, but that luck is bound to run out eventually.

North in 8/South in 2: You have needs, and your partner needs to accept and work with that… whether those needs are material or sexual or something else. Your big lesson may be that your partner could actually work with those needs better if you didn’t have him/her tied to a chair with a gun at their head, literally or figuratively. Negotiate, don’t dictate.

North in 9/South in 3: You were born understanding that there’s A Big Picture to the Universe. The challenge is to make that work in a world filled with fiddly little ideas and theories and people who don’t see it your way. Properly developed, this could make you a great scholar or monk, but for those most part building a practical life on this foundation could be tricky.

North in 10/South in 4: You reach for the top and you do the work to get there, but did you leave something of yourself behind on the way? Focusing on external achievement has its rewards, but don’t neglect the actual person (you) behind the achievements, or WHY scoring those goals should be so important to you anyway. It’s a bit like building a house with your own two hands, and then sleeping in the garage.

North in 11/South in 5: You’re good at creative thinking for the benefit of others, whether it’s planning a party or tour. Often, doing things for others will (paradoxically) set you free. But first, you’ll need to overcome hesitancy when it comes to the judgement of others. That, and once you’ve come up with that plan to save the world, be careful not to bulldoze everyone with it.

North in 12/South in 6: You’re here in this life to learn to let go, embrace the All, and to discover your place in the Multiverse. All of that would be easier if you’d just pay a little better attention to details like eating properly, following the rules, and.. hey, where the heck DID you leave your house keys anyway, Buddha?


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