Oh My Stars

matthew currie astrology moon in leo(Since The Moon is often associated with the conditions of one’s childhood, here’s Part Five of a twelve-part series about the Moon in your birth chart — your emotional comfort zone — written from both the perspective of a standard astrological interpretation and a children’s story from the perspective of each Moon Sign. I’ll tuck you in later.)



You are warm and loving and playful, like a big pussycat. Actually, like a lion. They call a group of lions a “pride,” and pride can be a central issue with you. You expect your warm and loving nature to be reflected back at you more than most do, and when those around you fall short (by your standards) you can become a ruthless predator. It was probably someone with Moon in Leo who invented those “My Child is an Honor Student” bumper stickers. You have high standards for yourself, and like to play fair, and you usually manage to live by those standards yourself. And when you personally fall short of those standards, you feel bad… but can justify it loudly all day long.

You are usually fond of jewellery and luxury. Moon in Leo people enjoy loud dramatic relationships, loud dramatic break-ups, and loud dramatic cars. All this amplified emotion can be exactly what someone else is looking for in a partner, but it can just as easily drive people away. Fortunately, your better qualities usually win out, and you can be magnanimous and forgiving. When things are going well and you are in a good mood, romance with you can be as memorable as the restraining order that leads to the break-up.


Belle squealed with delight as she hugged the handsome prince, recently restored to life and transformed back from his beastly form. “Oh, I love you so! And we’ll have the most wonderful wedding. There will be a horse-drawn carriage and a symphony and a three-day feast and we’ll have the moat re-lined and my wedding dress will be encrusted in diamonds and all my cousins and friends from college will be there and there’ll be magicians and jugglers and clowns and –“

The handsome prince broke free from Belle’s embrace. He walked towards the door, stopping only to fish in his pocket and toss a key to Belle. “Here. You might as well take it all now” he said as he walked to the door. “I’m going to go live in the woods. Call me some time.”

“But you don’t have a cell phone!” she shouted after him as the door slammed shut.


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