We create our own dramas for our own amusement, and frequently participate in the dramas of others for the same reason. This is one of the reasons why television is so popular, and part of the reason why we get so agitated when a favorite series comes to the end of a season. In my case, I have a huge outburst planned for a couple of weeks from now when Season One of Westworld is done. It’s enough to make a person want to create a little drama in their own story lines to fill in the gap, lemme tell you…

Astrologically, Mars is often the source of interpersonal drama, and Mars is in Aquarius now (where it will remain until December 18th). This placement is not afraid to use tactics like aggression and sharp words to get its way, even when it isn’t being direct and exact as to what its actual needs are. That’s the tone Mars will be bringing to many interpersonal squabbles in the next while.

Oh, wait… you thought Aquarius was all hippy-dippy and “live and let live” and such? Actually: no, especially when Mars is involved. Aquarius doesn’t want to overthrow the old older to achieve universal peace and love… Aquarius wants to overthrow the old order because it thinks it has a better idea as to what the new order should be. Let’s not forget that Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn, shall we?

Mars in Aquarius often “makes mountains out of mole hills” in situations where what is really needed is to steer around those mole hills and mountains. Because of this, you might have a legitimate issue with another person that never gets addressed properly because you’ve been perceived as being “petty.” And believe me: no one likes a petty dictator. Not even one that seems helpfully focused on a higher ideal.

Case in point: in 2004 North Korean Television created a series called “Let’s Trim Our Hair In Accordance With The Socialist Lifestyle” (Or “Sahoe juuijeok saenghwal yangsige matge meori danjangeul haja” In Korean… apparently totalitarian TV doesn’t support relatively short, catchy titles like “NCIS” or “Scandal” or “Survivor”) dedicated to introducing people to the propagandistic power of the right hair cut… and the terrible, counter-revolutionary threat posed by unkempt or overly-Western styles.

Seriously. Here’s a clip. The subtitles are well worth squinting at.

The series gave North Koreans a lot of excellent-sounding reasons as to why they should keep their hair cut along Party lines. For example: “Excessive hair growth has negative effects on human intelligence. Long hair consumes a great deal of nutrition, and could thus rob the brain of energy.” (If this is the state of science in North Korea, perhaps we shouldn’t be worried about their nuclear capabilities. They probably couldn’t deliver a pizza properly to South Korea, let alone a nuke.)

More chillingly, the show also contained segments where typical Comrades On The Street would be ambushed by a reporter, pointing out their shaggy hair and questioning aloud whether Mr. Park of the #2 Chongjin Steel Works (or whoever) could possibly be working his hardest for the glory of The Eternal Leader if he can’t even be bothered cutting his hair properly. And frequently, Mr. Park’s interview would include criticism of his wife… and then their full names and addresses would appear on screen too.

In a place like North Korea, public attention like that is not usually a good thing.

The point here is that we are all, more or less, Absolute Dictators of our own lives. Even faced with circumstances beyond our control, we still govern our own responses to them. This is true regardless of what sign Mars was in when we were born, or where it is now. But given where Mars is at the moment, the dramas we create with others may tend to have a slightly bossier, more authoritarian feel to them.

…And here you thought you were just “pointing out the obvious.”

Mars also rules the sex drive. So: if your partner (or lack thereof) isn’t exactly who, how, or what you wanted them to be… try a little harder in the next month and a half or so to think about what you really want and need (and what your unconscious motivations might be) before you get totalitarian with your personal life. After all: everyone loves a dictator… while the dictator is paying benevolent attention. The rest of the time? He’s just a dictator… and the hardest of all hands to hold is an Iron Fist.

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