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Yeah. compatibility. It’s a bit like that.

Last time, I talked about antiscia — the hidden compatibility one sometimes finds between seemingly “incompatible” Signs. This time around: more things that can make an “odd couple” work.


There are some peculiar astrological combos that end up working anyway, based on the planets that rule their Signs. For example, Gemini and Virgo don’t seem to have a whole lot in common: one is kind of sparky but scattershot, and the other one is more methodical but remembers where it left its keys. But they’re both ruled by Mercury, so if the individual Mercurys involved are aspecting each other, or are generally well-aspected, these two can overcome a lot of their differences by communicating… because, after all, Mercury rules communication.

Likewise, Taurus and Libra (both ruled by Venus) can overcome their differences if they agree on the little comforts in life. Once one factors in the “traditional” Sign rulerships (the ones used before Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered, and which still somewhat apply) there are still more “odd couples” that can work out fine. Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, thus Aries and Scorpio can work if their drives line up with each other. Sagittarius and Pisces have a Jupiter connection, so as long as they share a philosophical outlook on life (and keep the good times rolling in one form or another) they can work out too. Even Capricorn and Aquarius (both traditionally ruled by Saturn) have a shot if they share a common sense of structure and order and long-term goals.

Furthermore, one can make a case for compatibility between two Signs whose rulers are of a complimentary nature to each other, like Aries and Taurus (Venus and Mars) or Sagittarius and Capricorn (Jupiter and Saturn).


Of course, true compatibility is based on a lot more than just the Sun Sign, or indeed on any one placement. One factor that I often see recurring is relationships between people of adjacent Signs, like Aries and Taurus or Virgo and Libra. Signs that are neighbors never have anything in common, on the face of it — not element or modality or ruler (except with the special case of Capricorn and Aquarius, as previously mentioned). So why are there so many cases of successful couples born one Sun Sign away from each other? The answer lies in the orbits of Mercury and Venus.

It may be a cliché, but it’s still true: a successful relationship is largely built on communication and affection. Astrologically, those things are ruled by Mercury and Venus respectively. Those are the two closest planets to the Sun in our Solar System, and the orbits of both lie within the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Since astrology uses the apparent placement of the planets as seen from Earth, this means that Mercury is never more than one Sign away from the Sun, and Venus is never more than two Signs from the Sun. It may not be immediately obvious, but this means that two people of adjacent Sun Signs are more likely to have Person A’s Sun conjunct Person B’s Venus, or A’s Mercury sextile B’s Venus, or A’s Venus conjunct B’s Venus, and so on. Opposite Sign tend to be attracted to each other, but their Mercurys and Venuses can never be conjunct or sextile each other. Even a “bad” relationship can be made more workable with communication and affection.


Put all these principles together and it’s easy to see how (arguably) the oddest of the Odd Couples could work nicely together…

One sounds like its happiest hiding in the ocean, and the other is the loud and proud King Of The Jungle. Try for a moment to picture a wildlife preserve that caters to both Crabs and Lions together in the same enclosure. Not easy, is it? The key to this one is in the imagery of their ruling planets: The Moon and The Sun… a natural duality if there ever was one. There is a natural polarity involved: the masculine and the feminine (regardless of the actual genders of the individuals involved). Besides, once you’ve won the heart of a Crab, they cling to you. And Leos like little things clinging on to them. Just ask one of their pets.

And, as I’ve said before: no one is perfect, and thus there can be no perfect relationships. Case in point: I’m a Sagittarius who knows and loves a Libra. That’s compatible, sure… but her Sun also squares my Moon in Cancer and Mars in Capricorn. So yes, she’s a source of occasional agitation to me — but in practice that’s because she’s using those classic Libra traits to jolt me out of my complacency and routine, which are second nature to Cancer and Capricorn. And besides, she’s doing it because she cares and genuinely wants the best for me (oh you Libras!).


So, there you have it. From now on: no more blaming your bad relationship(s) on incompatible Sun Signs. After all, you and your partner are only human… and if something has gone wrong with the two of you, there are plenty of astrological factors that could cover that too. Being nice to each other and forgiving each other’s flaws is a good way to make a relationship work.

Like for example: did I say this was going to be a two-part series? Well, yes, at first I did. But then I realized there are a couple of other “hidden factors” that can produce attraction and compatibility that I haven’t gotten to yet… so Part Three is next. Forgive me.

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