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The Sign:  Aries, the Ram: a creature that pretty much “butts heads” as part of its job description.

The Hero: Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek

Known For: Bold heroic gestures, solving intractable diplomatic situations by blowing things up, exploring strange new worlds and finding strange new women to seduce there.

Favorite things: Seeking out new life (even though it often tries to kill him) and new civilizations (which sometimes just need a few minutes of phaser fire to liberate them from their local mind-control computer), and boldly going where no man has gone before (see previous comment about seducing strange new women). 

Quote: “Doctor McCoy is right in pointing out the enormous danger potential in any contact with life and intelligence as fantastically advanced as this, but I must point out that the possibilities – the potential for knowledge and advancement – is equally great. Risk! Risk is our business. That’s what this starship is all about. That’s why we’re aboard her.”

Compatible with:  Leo and Sagittarius

Fatal Flaw? Under normal circumstances, any combination of Kirk’s willingness to solve problems through womanizing, shooting something, and break the rules to get the end results would eventually make for the downfall of just about any hero. But this is Kirk, embodiment of Aries. He believes in himself (or maintains the appearance of it) and what he’s doing enough that the rest of the Universe plays along. Let’s not criticize him. Let’s just all be thankful he isn’t a Klingon, okay?


Why did I pick this one? Childhood hero and best male role model I had growing up. That’s right: Kirk just walked into my life and became a father figure without even asking! How very… Aries of him.

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