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Once more it is time to march bravely into the dark of December and lighten things up a little!

What can be said about Aquarius that hasn’t already been said? “Man, that’s strange.” “Hey, what the heck IS that?” and of course the classic “We don’t take to your kind around here.”

All those usual responses to the inherent oddness of Aquarius is a shame, really. Aquarians incarnated in the first place, I’m convinced, because they signed an important Soul Contract to make the planet a better place, and it’s hardly their fault they all apparently got dropped off on the wrong planet.

Here is an educational film on the subject:



…and should you find yourself in the odd and peculiar situation where you’re in a relationship with an Aquarius, here is the handy guide you need.

Good luck with that. We all salute your bravery. And in the event you actually ARE an Aquarius yourself… we thank you for that… that… what exactly are you doing, anyway…? What is that? Huh?

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