Once one gets beyond the basics of Sun Sign astrology, you will learn that a person’s birth chart – like people themselves – are a lot more complex. You could spend your entire life studying the many complex interactions between the planets, the Signs they are in, and the aspects they form to each other. And a good place to start your astrological Higher Education is with the Moon Sign.

The Sun is essential to your being, but the Moon is no less important. It represents your gut instincts. It is your basic emotional responses. Understanding a person’s Sun Sign is one thing, but understanding their Sun and Moon Signs and how they work together (or not) will give you a much more complete picture of the person you’re looking at.

By way of illustration, I would like to use an example I normally avoid talking about too much in public: myself.

I have Sun in Sagittarius, but also have Moon in Cancer right on my Ascendant. That Moon is hanging right out there front and center in my birth chart, and this is not always the most comfortable place for any Moon, let alone Moon in Cancer. If you read any of the stock descriptions of Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Cancer, they are inherently very different. One wants to get the party started, and the other wants to call a cab. One is dancing on the roof and the other is hiding under the bed.

In many ways over the course of my life, I have lived up to the standard expectations of Sun in Sagittarius. I no longer live in the country I was born in, have a certain sense of adventure, love different languages and cultures, and have a certain freewheeling lack of self-discipline, and tend am pretty darned disorganized (sorry Virgos and Capricorns).

However, having Moon in Cancer right on my Ascendant puts an entirely different spin on the matter. That is a placement known for its extreme sensitivity, for not being so pleased with going on wild adventures, and for being a bit of a homebody. In some ways, I spend a fair a mount of time horrified at myself.

In the last few years of my life I’ve felt like I haven’t lived out the potentials of my Moon Sign as much as I should have. There have been moves and adventures aplenty, but my Moon kind of felt… unsatisfied. Yes, I work out of my home, and Moon in Cancer likes that sort of thing. But I’ve felt a little too much like I’ve been living on the edge the last few years.

beliefnet astrology matthew currie pajamajeans
Look on my pants, ye Mighty, and despair!

That is: until I discovered my Pants of Power.

You see, these are no ordinary pants. They are in fact “Pajama Jeans.” They are made of cotton, like standard pajamas, but are printed with a pattern to make them look like blue jeans. Well, they look like blue jeans until you get close enough to examine them carefully, but frankly my Moon in Cancer doesn’t want people on the street getting that close to me anyway. And boy are they comfortable. Moon in Cancer has a particular appreciation of the tactile sense.

Now, normally you might think Moon in Cancer would be sensitive to the possible snickers and looks of derision that a pajama-based lifestyle might draw from society. However, when it is combined with the bold pioneering spirit of Sagittarius… well, whatever pal. I’m cozy.

I believe I will now be ditching my entire wardrobe from the waist down and substituting all of my pants for Pajama Jeans. They’re cozy and they pair well with my wide selection of black science fiction- and heavy metal-themed t shirts. Then, between that and ordering my food and supplies online to be delivered, I can just keep working and working from home and never go out and never have to face the terrors of interacting with people ever again! I will build a perfect self-employed work-at-home fortress around myself! I will be insulated! I will be —

Yeah, okay. Maybe we shouldn’t forget about the Sun Sign too much. You’ve got to have some balance. I still need to get out and roam around a lot.

But at least now, I’ll be doing so in comfort.

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