Sometimes it’s an astrologer’s job to describe to a person the potential they were born with. Sometimes it’s an astrologer’s job to outline the challenges lie ahead. And sometimes it’s an astrologer’s job to lend a certain larger perspective to life. This is one of those times.

Without even looking at your birth chart, let me make a bold prediction: you will not die of Ebola.

I’ve watched with a degree of horror and fascination in the past few months how the news coverage of the current outbreak of Ebola has grown. Not horror at the disease itself, mind you. I am a long-standing medical geek from way back who knew all about Ebola and the Marburg virus and chikungunya (look it up) long before the general public had heard of them, thank you, and I got over my fear a long time ago.

Also, it’s not Lupus.

In our modern, hygienic, antiseptic, and well-treated world, we are not as familiar with outbreaks of disease as we used to be. Many of you probably don’t even know anyone in person who died of a communicable disease. And yet it was less than a century ago that the Spanish Flu killed something like 3 to 6 percent of the world’s population. Stop and think about that for a moment.

We’ve been relatively blessed the last few decades, in part because of improved sanitation, more information, and better medicine. And personally, I’m willing to bet that those things, more than anything else, will prevent Ebola from becoming a worldwide pandemic.

I’ve tried to find something astrological to say about all this, but it’s difficult. It might be fun to blame Saturn in Scorpio, or the upcoming eclipses, or whatever – but the truth is that Saturn is in Scorpio every 28 years, eclipses happen all the time, and those factors alone can’t be to blame for an outbreak of disease.

“Mundane astrology” is the observation of how world events affect specific places and groups of people. Take a look at my work on Ferguson Missouri to see how that works. Other astrologers have pointed out that this or that factor may be involved with the current outbreak of Ebola, but they have more to say about it than I do.

Here is my contribution to the astrology of Ebola:

People like to blame the Saturn or Pluto for the scary things in life, and often that’s the case. But Neptune is the planet most responsible for delusions, and paranoia is a form of delusion. Neptune is now in Pisces, and will be there for many years. Neptune rules Pisces, and is thus stronger than average… certainly stronger than it has been in your lifetime or mine, as it’s such a slow planet.

We live in a more connected world than ever, where people can share their thoughts and ideas and physical presence with each other easier than ever before. Overall, I like to think that’s a good thing. But part of the downside is that a disease that breaks out in Africa can make it to your neck of the woods more quickly and more easily than ever before.

Another part of the downside to that is it is easy to share and amplify your delusions and paranoia. It used to be that if you thought that such-and-such was happening because of a nefarious Illuminati plot to depopulate the world so that Big Pharma could make more money (and will someone explain to me how that supposed to work anyway?), you’d have to look long and hard to find other paranoids to network with. Now, anything you want to be afraid of is only a few clicks away. Thank you Google!

That’s the other thing about a more interconnected world, and about Neptune in Pisces. It gives us a chance to dream bigger, and to spread our concerns even further beyond our own little individual lives.

I wonder if are smart enough as a species to take advantage of that?

So: wash your hands and don’t let anyone cough on you. You will be fine. Now, stop worrying and broaden your horizons.

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